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This section explores some of the popular applications for custom LED neon signs. Our guides discuss how these signs can be used in different settings, the design/colour options available and some key factors to consider when planning a custom sign.

A guide to custom LED neon

LED technology is an innovative solution to the many issues associated with traditional neon, including its fragility and expensiveness. In this expert guide, we will be discussing some of the ways you can use custom LED neon to create signs or logos in a variety of different settings.

A guide to custom LED neon signs for the home

A custom neon light is eye-catching and quickly become the focal point of any space, read our expert guide to understand why you need a custom LED neon wall piece in your home.

A guide to custom LED neon signs for businesses

Read our guide on how your business could benefit from a custom LED neon sign to capture attention and make even the most distracted of passers-by look up and take notice.

A guide to custom LED neon signs for outdoors

This guide will explore how an LED neon sign makes for a unique and striking addition to any outdoor space, whether it's a beer garden, a nightclub patio area or even just a domestic garden.

Custom LED neon signs for bars and pubs

Our guide will explain why you should have a custom LED neon sign for your bar or pub, as well as some of the design and colour considerations to bear in mind when planning for this

Cocktail Bar with Neon Sign from Neon Vibes

In this expert guide we'll show you why your business could benefit from a custom LED neon logo and talk you through the options available to help you create your design.