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LED neon signs for walls

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When you think of a bright neon light sign, you may think of it hanging proudly on a wall inside a home, restaurant or bar. LED neon signs fit perfectly on walls, and most come with grips and hooks, making them easier to assemble. Although they can commonly be seen hanging outside shops, they are much safer placed on an interior wall.

In this guide, we will explore why neon signs look best on the walls, who can benefit from an LED sign, and how you can mount your brand-new sign onto the wall. We will also look at the different factors you need to consider before buying your neon sign.

Why walls are the best place for your neon sign

Neon signs are commonly found on interior and exterior walls for many reasons. By installing a sign into your wall, you're providing a much sturdier setting than if the sign was hanging from the ceiling or from a bar. All of our signs here at Neon Vibes® come with acrylic backing that can either be cut to shape, letter or you can opt for a solid backing. This gives the sign more stability on the wall, protecting the sign and your investment.

By placing neon signage on your wall, you can place it directly at eye-level to really get the most out of your new purchase. You need your neon sign to stand out and make an impact, and placing it on the wall right where everyone can see it is a great choice. Neon signs can also suit all kinds of rooms and their sizes, with options to create your own unique sign to fit your space.

Placing an LED neon sign on your wall is a much safer option than hanging one, and LED lights are also much safer than traditional neon. They are also more energy-efficient, and don't burn as hot. Wall art is incredibly popular, so why not add a bright neon light to the mix?

Who can benefit from an LED neon sign?

Anyone can benefit from having a bright neon sign on their wall, no matter the use or occasion. Homeowners who are looking to spruce up their home decor could benefit from having an LED neon sign in any room in their home, from the bedroom to the living room. Neon signs can display terms of endearment to fun graphics, perfectly suited to any setting.

Business owners from all walks of life could benefit from a stand-out neon sign for their establishment. Beauty salons are the perfect environment for a bright LED sign; they're a perfect way of welcoming customers to your store, and can provide a comfortable, memorable experience. Office managers can also choose neon signs for their walls to encourage and motivate their staff, but they can still keep that corporate feel.

If you have a designated room in your home that serves as a bar, games room or home office, you can add an LED neon sign to really make the space your own. Try placing your sign on a wall where it will have the most impact, such as the one opposite to the door.

How to mount your neon sign on the wall

With the right equipment and knowledge, it is incredibly easy to install your brand-new LED neon sign onto your wall. Each of our signs at Neon Vibes® comes with keyhole fittings, so you can simply drill your sign into the wall. If you're not too keen on leaving holes in your walls, we can also provide hanging strips which won't leave any marks behind. These are the perfect option if you need to move your sign frequently. If you opt for hanging strips, you can find out how to hang your sign here.

Before fitting your sign, make sure you choose a location that is close enough to a plug socket. If you have chosen a dimmer, RGB or pixel controller, plug this into the clear cable that comes from your sign. Then, join your power supply to the dimmer or controller, then connect to the mains. Simple!

At Neon Vibes, your sign, power cables and remotes (should you need them) will be provided for you, as well as hanging strips. However, if you have chosen to drill your sign into the wall, you will need your own screws! If you're looking for a custom neon sign to add a unique touch to your space, you can commission one here.

Things to consider before buying a neon sign

Before you jump straight into buying your LED neon sign, there are a few things you need to consider, including:


Make sure you set out a realistic budget before you choose or commission your sign. Once you have a budget in mind, you can find a sign that fits in perfectly with your lifestyle, space and finances


You not only need to consider the size of the sign, but the size of the room and the wall it is being placed on too. A sign that is too big can be quite jarring and out of place, whereas a sign that is too small can be overlooked, which nobody wants! Think about sizing carefully so you can settle on the right balance.


The right colour can make or break a sign, so choose carefully. Consider the tone of the sign, the room it is going in and its surroundings. Brighter colours like pink and orange suit happier, more fun environments, whereas warm whites and cooler colours are better for relaxing.


Serif and sans serif fonts are the two most popular options; serif fonts include script and are much more formal, whereas sans serif is more informal and can be used for fun, extravagant signs. If you are unsure, you can speak to one of our professionals.

Custom LED neon signs from Neon Vibes®

Here at Neon Vibes®, we provide pre-made signs perfect for any situation or setting, all of which can be tailored to suit your preferences. You can even commission your own sign, whether you want simple text, or a new logo designed.

To find out more, you can get in contact with us today.