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Custom LED neon signs for outdoors

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Custom LED neon signs are a fantastic way to illuminate an outdoor space and create a piece of eye-catching exterior wall decor that is unique to your application. Unlike other types of light such as traditional neon, LED neon is long-lasting, cost-effective and durable, without compromising on style or aesthetics.

Let's dive into the value a custom LED sign could add to your exterior space, and talk you through the design choices available to help you pick an outdoor sign that suits your application perfectly.

Why should I install a custom LED neon sign outdoors?

An LED neon sign makes for a unique and striking addition to any outdoor space, whether it's a beer garden, a nightclub patio area or just a domestic garden. Forget plain, boring old decking—with an LED neon sign, you can quickly and easily liven up any outdoor space and create a sense of unity between your indoor décor and the outside. Our LED neon signage is available with additional weather protection to make the lights splash-proof and suitable for outdoor use.

In a hospitality setting, an illuminated sign can make for a brilliant photo opportunity for patrons. With the right design—an uplifting mantra, a catchy saying, or a colourful logo— your exterior sign can become Instragrammable enough that your customers will generate a buzz for your business online. Plus, if your business is tricky to find or is up against tough competition on a busy street, a custom sign made from bright LED neon that hangs from the side of your building or sits above your main doorway will make you much easier to locate and also more memorable.

An LED neon sign is a far safer choice than real neon in a glass tube design because it will be significantly more durable. Even if your LED sign does break, it won't leak any toxic chemicals that could harm your health. An LED neon light won't get hot, will use very little energy and can run for up to 50,000 hours. This makes it cheaper to run and better for the environment than a traditional neon sign.

Design and colour options

With sizes ranging between 50cm and 250cm, it's easy to create a sign that fits into your space just perfectly. We also have a wide range of colours available, including:

  • Pink

  • White

  • Green

  • Light blue

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Red

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Warm white

You can also opt to upgrade your lights. Our colour-changing option is great if you'd like the flexibility of changing the hue of your lighting at the push of a button, instead of being stuck with one static colour. Our colour-chasing LEDs allow you to control your lights so they display different effects and animations.

The font style you choose for your LED sign can also help to set the tone you are trying to achieve. Thick, boxy letters, particularly in bold colours like dark blue or red, look very modern and are ideal for attracting people's attention from a distance. Cursive fonts are ideal for more luxurious venues and these often look best in neutral warm white, especially when surrounded by foliage in a patio or terrace area.

What to consider when planning a custom LED neon sign

For outdoor installation, the most important consideration is the weatherproofing options available to protect your LED sign from the elements. Our lights are offered with a weather protection option that includes additional sealing of the electrical joints. This means they are ‘splashproof’, so are protected against light rain. If your sign is intended for a space where more extensive moisture is likely, it will require extra protection. Your sign’s power supply and controller will also need weatherproofing.

When planning your custom LED neon sign, consider its location carefully. The size, font and colour you choose will impact its overall effect and the atmosphere it creates. For example, if the purpose of your sign is to attract custom, you will want a design that is bright and clear. But if you want to create a sense of unity between your indoor and outdoor space, a colour that coordinates with your interior decoration might be more appropriate.

It may be tempting to opt for a smaller sign which is less expensive, but this investment will be wasted if nobody can read the sign. Make sure that your sign is legible for the space in which it will be fitted. When this is outside, the sign should be large enough to be understood from a distance, especially if it is used for navigational purposes such as directions.

Custom LED signs from Neon Vibes

We offer two types of custom LED neon sign: custom text designs and custom logos. If you're interested in a custom text sign, simply draft your bespoke design on our website by inputting your text and choosing size, colour and font. For custom logo signs, tell us exactly what you need using our submission form where you can also upload a copy of your logo, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with a free visual and price estimate.

Our signs have acrylic backing. These are available in three styles: full board (a full rectangle or square, around 6-8cm bigger than the design); cut to letter (the backing follows the shape of the design with a slim 1-1.5cm outline); and cut to shape (the backing follows the shape of the design with a 3-4cm outline).

Our rapid turnaround times mean we can get your custom outdoor neon sign to you very quickly, so if you're working with a short deadline, be sure to get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Frequently asked questions

Can LED neon signs get wet?

LED neon signs can be upgraded to be splash-proof, but they are not a waterproof light source. Our signs can be suitably protected against light rain and moisture, but should not be submerged in water. Power supplies and controllers also need to be protected from moisture.

Can you make logos or illustrations in LED neon lighting?

Yes! The LEDs used to make our signs is incredibly flexible and versatile, meaning they can be shaped into a variety of designs to create unique wall art featuring a logo or illustration.