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Custom LED neon signs for bars and pubs

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A custom neon bar sign is a guaranteed way to create a unique centrepiece for your bar. It can add an injection of vivid colour to a space and set up a lively atmosphere that could help your business stand out.

In this guide, we will explain why you should have a custom LED neon sign for your bar or pub, as well as some of the design and colour considerations to bear in mind when planning for this.

Why should I have a custom LED neon sign in my bar or pub?

An eye-catching custom neon sign makes for brilliant wall art to liven up a space and set the atmosphere of your bar or pub. You can use your sign to highlight your bar's name or logo in the window and set it in the minds of your customers to keep them coming back. You could advertise special offers like Happy Hour or 2-for-1 Cocktail Night. If you have a unique offering, such as an original cocktail or your own beer brewed in-house, you can show this off with an LED neon sign.

Your personalised bar sign could be a mantra or a saying that sets the tone of your space and provides an excellent photo opportunity when hung in a place where patrons can pose in front of it. The right sign could create an Instagrammable feature that will generate a social media buzz around your bar, harnessing word-of-mouth as an effective marketing strategy.

Every bar needs signage that communicates the house rules, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. No smoking, no children, no glasses on the dancefloor—all of the usual instructions look much friendlier, and much clearer, when lit up in LED neon.

Neon signage has been popular in pubs and bars for decades, but signs using LED lighting is a relatively new phenomenon. LED neon signs have become incredibly popular over a relatively short period of time due to their convenience, durability, safety and energy efficiency in comparison with traditional glass neon.

Design and colour options

Since we have so many colour and design options available, the sky's the limit when it comes to creating your custom neon bar sign. This makes it really easy to match your sign to your business's brand and logo. Your sign could range from just 50cm to a massive 250cm, and you have all of the following colours to choose from:

  • Pink

  • White

  • Green

  • Light blue

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Red

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Warm white

We also have three different types of LED to choose from: standard, colour-changing and chasing. Colour-changing LEDs give you access to the full spectrum of colour so you can alter your lights to match the mood—ideal for themed events or marking a transition from day to night. Chasing LEDs are a fantastic way to make your sign flash, sparkle and truly grab attention.

Our fonts vary from your basic sans-serif varieties, which are great for instructional signs that need to communicate clear messages, to thick boxy letters designed to make a statement. We also have a series of fun handwritten scripts which are great for displaying more feel-good mantras. Colour and font choices go a really long way in defining the atmosphere of a space. For example, big and blocky red text has modern, futuristic connotations, while cursive pink text has a soft, bubbly feel.

We have three different backing options available for our neon signs: full block, cut to shape, or cut to letter. Full block backing makes the sign heavier, whereas cut to letter signs are lightweight and suitable for fitting with hanging strips. We also cut keyhole fixings on the backing panels of our signs to allow them to be fitted with screws. Hanging strips are a convenient option if you don't want to drill holes into your wall or if you plan to move your sign to different locations in your bar at any point.

What to consider when planning a custom LED neon sign

You should carefully consider the purpose and the location of your custom LED neon sign, as these factors will influence your design choices. For example, if your sign will be installed outside, it will need additional weatherproofing to protect it from moisture. On the other hand, if your sign will be instructional or navigational (such as directions to the toilets), it should be big enough and in a clearly legible font so that it can be sign and understood from a distance.

When it comes to size, we tend to think the bigger the better. However, greater size also means greater cost. It may be tempting to opt for a small sign to save the pennies, but if your sign is too small and patrons struggle to read it, you might end up wasting your investment. Consider the size of your space and the surface the sign will hang on, as well as the distance from which people will be reading it.

Custom LED signs from Neon Vibes

Here at Neon Vibes we create custom neon LED signs from your choice of text or logo. You can draft text signs here on our website and use our interactive design tool to experiment with sizes, fonts and colours to get a feel for what your sign will look like. If you'd like your logo made into an LED neon sign, simply fill in a submission form with a copy of your logo and we'll provide you with a free quote and visual as soon as we can.

We offer superfast turnaround times on our custom signs. This means that even if you’re up against a tight deadline ahead of a new bar or pub opening, we'll do everything we can to get your sign to you on time.

Frequently asked questions

What are LED neon signs made of?

LED neon signs are made of 12 volt LED flex encased in flexible silicone tubing. The flex is cut into lengths and soldered together to form your chosen design. An adhesive is then used to fix the flex to a clear acrylic backing panel.

How do you power LED neon signs?

LED neon signs are powered by mains electricity. A power supply and power lead with a UK three-pin plug are included with all our signs.

Do LED neon signs consume a lot of energy?

LED neon uses much less electricity than traditional glass neon. LED neon signs are a brilliant eco-friendly option thanks to their low energy consumption.

How long do LED neon signs last?

LED neon signs can last for more than 50,000 hours. Even if you were to leave your sign illuminated non-stop, it would last for more than five years!