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A guide to custom LED neon signs for businesses

  • 5 min read
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Custom LED neon signs are becoming a great tool for business branding. They grab your attention, invite conversation and shares on social media, and are an incredibly effective way of making your business more memorable to clients or customers.

In this guide, we are going to discuss how your business could benefit from a custom LED neon sign. We’ll also outline some design and colour options to think about, as well as key factors to bear in mind when planning your new LED neon logo or business sign.

Why does my business need a custom LED neon sign?

They get attention and showcase your brand

Traditional signage, while necessary for most businesses, is not always the most interesting or engaging. LED neon business signs are guaranteed to capture attention and make even the most distracted of passers-by look up and take notice. A custom sign is also the perfect way to represent your business’s ethos, as it provides you with the creativity and freedom to reflect your brand persona as you imagine it.

Plenty of choices

LED neon technology provides far more customisation options than traditional glass neon. Not only can you choose the size and text of your sign, but you can also configure the font, colour, backing shape and type of LED featured in your design.


Vintage neon signs used glass tubing filled with gases. Because these lights rely on the chemical reactions between these gases and an electrical current in order to work, they cannot change colour once they are produced. With LED technology, on the other hand, the light is not only more consistent but you can also alter the brightness with a controllable. LED neon lights can be dimmed or programmed to flash in pre-set programs, and colour-changing LEDs give you access to the full spectrum of colour.

Low energy consumption

If you need proof that a LED neon sign is the best choice for illuminated signs, bear this in mind: it takes only 150 watts of electricity to power a standard LED neon light. In comparison, the power consumption of fluorescent and neon glass lights is 610 watts and 400 watts, respectively.


An LED neon sign will offer around 30,000 hours of light if carefully maintained. This is around three times longer than a traditional neon sign. LED neon lights are also encased in flexible silicone tubing rather than glass, meaning they are not as fragile as traditional neon lights and are less likely to shatter if dropped.

Design and colour options

LED neon lights are reminiscent of vintage neon signs, making them ideal for both retro and modern applications. In an office setting, a large custom LED neon logo in an eye-catching colour such as red can welcome clients and prospective customers into your reception area or foyer, whereas a green sign in the main workspace can encourage creativity.

Let’s look at some design ideas for other business locations.

Hair salons and beauty parlours

Being ‘Instagrammable’ is becoming incredibly important to hair and beauty businesses in the modern world, as social media provides vital word-of-mouth opportunities for attracting new customers. A custom LED neon logo or industry-related phrase in a script font and striking colour like pink would be an excellent backdrop for before and after photos. Alternatively, a sign in light blue or warm white can produce a more calming atmosphere.


Whether you’re on a busy city centre high street or based in a small town, making a mark in the retail industry can be difficult. Especially as an independent retailer or boutique, competing for shoppers’ attention is no easy task. A custom LED neon window display or in-store wall art will not only convey your brand persona but also encourage shares on social media and messaging platforms. For a modern look, try a sign in pure white sans serif font, or for a more traditional appeal, the colour purple is historically associated with luxury.

Hospitality venues

Neon signs are synonymous with bars, clubs and gig venues, as well as takeaways and restaurants. On a night out, they let you know exactly where you are and signal the venue is open for business. A bright red and yellow LED neon sign featuring your bar’s name or logo can act as a signpost for meetups and socials, drawing people to your venue no matter how confusing the directions are!

Events spaces

Colour-changing LED lights in events spaces can be used to signal a change in mood or atmosphere. During weddings, for example, this could be the transition from the formal ceremony and dinner to the evening party. LED signs can provide instructional information to visitors such as the directions to toilet or changing facilities—yellow, green and red are classic colours for this purpose.

What to consider when planning a custom LED neon sign

One of the most important factors to bear in mind during the process of designing your custom sign should be the sign’s intended installation location. The décor and aesthetics of the environment surrounding the installation side will determine how large the sign should be, as well as which colour looks best. It should also inform how formal the message in the text should be.

You should also think about the kind of backing that your sign will need or benefit from. Custom signs from Neon Vibes are available in three backing choices: cut to shape (backing follows the contour of the design with a 3-4cm outline); cut to letter (backing follows the contour of the design very closely with a 1-1.5cm outline); and full board (square or rectangular backing around 6-8cm bigger than the design).

Finally, if your sign is intended for external use or installation in a bathroom or kitchen, it will need fitting with additional moisture protection. We provide the option of extra sealing on the electrical joints of our custom signs to ensure they are splashproof.

Custom LED signs from Neon Vibes

Our configuration tool allows you to visualise how your chosen text would look in different fonts, colours and sizes. This makes the design process a breeze if you already know exactly how your business’s new LED sign will look, but also allows you to play around with different design options if you aren’t quite sure yet.

If it’s a custom logo with more intricate details you want, simply upload an image and tell us as much about your design idea as possible. We’ll then organise a free visual of your sign and send you a price estimate.

If you are looking for unique, custom-made LED neon signs for your business, get in touch with our team today. We have plenty of experience making signs of all shapes and sizes for a variety of industries. With our expertise and your creative vision, we can create a truly unique sign that will benefit your business for years to come.