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A guide to custom LED neon

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LED technology is an innovative solution to the many issues associated with traditional neon, including its fragility and expensiveness. LED neon is just as customisable as neon but is far safer, quieter and cheaper, and is substantially more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.

LED neon can be crafted into bespoke signs or logos that are easy to install and maintain, and look just as good as retro neon wall art and signage.

In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the ways you can use custom LED neon to create signs or logos in a variety of different settings.

Custom LED neon signs for the home

A one-of-a-kind sign that you have designed yourself provides an ideal opportunity to express your individuality and create a statement piece of home decor that will be the envy of your friends and family.

Unlike classic glass tube neon, which is fragile and a potential safety hazard in the home, LED neon is incredibly safe and very durable. LED neon also has an average lifespan which is three times longer than a traditional glass neon sign, making it a much safer option physically and financially.

With a personalised neon sign from Neon Vibes, you can choose between a range of single colour LEDs as standard, or upgrade your sign to feature colour changing or chase effect LEDs. Whether your sign is intended for your living room, bedroom, bathroom or home office, you can create some standout wall art that reflects your personality and interests.

For tips and inspiration including font and colour options, read our guide to custom LED neon signs for the home.

Custom LED neon signs for businesses

A custom LED neon sign provides the ideal opportunity for business branding. In a retail setting, a custom sign stands out amongst a row of homogenous shopfronts—this is especially beneficial to a small independent store or boutique. Beating your competitors to customers’ attention is no small feat, and a memorable custom LED neon window display that reflects your brand persona could be the very thing that sets you apart from the rest.

Other venues like cafes and restaurants or events spaces could also benefit from a custom LED neon sign. These displays are a simple but effective means of conveying information to customers, whether that’s to indicate your premises is open for business or simply to provide directions to the toilet facilities.

Because LEDs are controllable, you can dim your sign or program it to change colours and shift the mood from formal pure white to relaxed warm white, or signal a transition to party time after a wedding reception.

In our expert guide, we explain why your business would benefit from a custom LED neon sign and discuss some technical considerations to bear in mind during the planning process.

Custom LED neon signs for bars and pubs

More than any other setting, neon signage is perhaps the most synonymous with nightlife. Traditional glass neon has a retro feel nowadays, but it is very unreliable and the light it omits in signage can be inconsistent.

LED neon solves these issues without compromising on aesthetics. A custom LED neon sign can be used to anchor the atmosphere you want to achieve with your bar or pub, fixing in the minds of customers and encouraging them to keep coming back.

There’s a lot of talk of the importance of being ‘Instagrammable’ today, but it’s true—an eye-catching, bespoke neon bar sign creates an ideal photo opportunity for customers to share to their social media accounts. This generates a buzz around your venue and is a proven (and free) marketing strategy.

Our guide to custom LED neon signs for bars and pubs discusses this in more detail.

Custom LED neon signs for outdoors

An LED neon sign can brighten up any outdoor space, whether it’s a private garden or a pub patio area.

If you want to install your LED neon sign outside, it will require extra weatherproofing to ensure it is safe to use. Our LED signs are offered with an optional weather protection option for external use, which involves additional sealing on the electrical joints. This makes the lights splashproof and protects them from light rain—the signs will need more protection if they are to be exposed to more extensive moisture.

For more information about custom LED neon signs for external use, including additional factors to consider, read our expert guide.

Custom LED neon logos

A custom LED neon logo adds even more design opportunities as you can incorporate symbols and shapes into your light as well as text. If you’re a business, this creates an excellent chance for you to match your online presence (such as your social media avatars) with the vibe of your in-person premises.

If you’re a freelancer or run a studio space, an LED neon logo can capture your business persona in a more personal way than simple text. If the formality permits it, you can make a logo which is a bit tongue-in-cheek to show you can be a professional but still have a sense of humour!

Find out more about custom LED neon logos in this expert guide.