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Energy Efficiency

While everyone is understandably worried about additional spend on energy, we thought we would put together some info for all our lovely customers and would-be customers about the reality of LED neon signs energy usage. 

Do not fear, the energy crisis should not mean that you need to give up the neon joy in your life. Because, the truth is that LED neon is one of the cheapest lights to run.

The Sums

We are not here to give you flannel, just facts and figures so you can decide if a LED neon has a place in your budget.

Let’s Party 

Let’s take one of our most popular signs, Let’s Party. How much do you think it would cost to run this per hour?

The truth is that it is a LOT LESS than most people might think.

In fact, this little beauty, costs less than 1 penny per hour! 0.8 of a penny actually!

Let’s Party – 50cm, which uses 2.4m of LED costs 6.4p per day. Which is £1.80 per month of partying if used for 8 hour per day, or to put it another way, £21 per year!


How about the gorgeous ‘Love’ sign which featured in our giveaway recently? Well, if running for 8 hours, would cost 4.8 pence - £1.49 per month or £17 per year!


Likewise, if the sign was only on for 3 hours per day, it would cost 1.8p/day!


Or what about Cuddles in the Kitchen – sized at 75cm.


This sign would cost you less than 1.5 pennies per hour, 1.4p (£0.014) to be exact (Based on the current UK electricity rate of 28p per kWh).

That means you could have your LED neon light of loveliness on for 8 hours per day for one month would cost £3.58 per month. Or £42 per year!

Surprising isn’t it?

Buying a sign soon, keen to know the energy costs?

If you would like us to calculate the potential energy usage of the sign you are interested in, please email us at