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Encourage Sales with our POS signs 🛒🤑

Get ready to electrify your establishment with our array of eye-catching designs. From the warm and inviting "Welcome" sign that greets your customers, to the sleek and efficient "Pay Here" sign that streamlines transactions, we have everything you need to create a seamless and engaging point of sale experience.

Express your gratitude with our elegant "Thank You" sign, and make ordering a breeze with our vibrant "Order Here" sign. And for those businesses that operate around the clock, our dazzling "Open 24/7" sign ensures visibility at any hour. Elevate your business and leave a lasting impression with our exceptional LED neon signs collection!

Our custom neon lights and signs will make your day shine, and if you want something utterly personal, you can even create your own neon sign here.

Point of sale Neon Signs

Hanger neon sign from £169.00
Sale neon sign V8 from £239.00
Sale neon sign V7 from £179.00
Open neon sign V8 from £189.00
Open neon sign V7 from £169.00
Open neon sign V6 from £169.00
Open neon sign V4 from £229.00
Welcome neon sign from £189.00
Bar neon sign - V6 from £229.00
Bar neon sign - V4 from £209.00
Barber Pole neon sign from £199.00
Club Open neon sign from £179.00
Coffee Beat neon sign from £219.00
Bar neon sign - V3 from £269.00
Coffee Cup neon sign from £199.00
Cold Beer neon sign from £189.00
Donuts neon sign from £149.00
Snacks neon sign from £159.00
Hot Drinks neon sign from £179.00
Hot Dogs neon sign from £149.00
Desserts neon sign from £179.00
Cold Drinks neon sign from £229.00