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The best LED neon signs for dining rooms

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Neon signs are the must-have accessory for all modern-day homes. The bright neon lights can fit perfectly in any room, and can be designed in a bespoke manner to fit your preferences exactly. By placing a bright LED sign in your dining room, you can attract the attention of all your guests, and add a unique setting to your space. But what do you need to consider before choosing your new neon sign?

In this guide, we will highlight where the best place is to hang your neon sign in your dining room, as well as why you should opt for a sign, and which style you should go for. Also, we will cover all the aspects you need to consider before buying your sign, and why you should design your newest addition with Neon Vibes®.

Why should I add a neon sign to my dining room?

If you're looking for something unique and eye-catching for your dining room, wall art or a bright neon sign are the very best options. They're exactly what your room needs to stand out from the crowd, adding a personalised touch that can be admired by anyone who visits. You can choose from a range of different designs, fonts and colours that suit your existing home décor perfectly. You can even choose between images and words to fit in with your dining space, helping you create a fitting décor that both reflects and inspires who you are in the most perfect way.

With the current energy crisis affecting millions of homes in the UK well into the winter, we're all looking for ways to save money on our bills. With LED neon signs, you don't need to worry. LED lights are incredibly energy and cost-efficient, making them a great choice for not only your signs, but your normal lights too. They don't burn as brightly as traditional incandescent bulbs, preserving energy so you don't have to sacrifice your interior design in favour of saving money. No matter whether you want to enhance your living room, bedroom or dining room, a custom neon sign can do the trick.

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Where can I place my LED neon sign in my dining room?

Once you've chosen to place a LED neon sign in your dining room, you may be wondering where the best place is to hang it for all to see. One of the best places to display your new sign could be above your dining room table. A neon sign could be the centrepiece of your dining room in this location, holding authority above your dining table and providing extra neon light for your guests. The head of the dining table will work best, providing you have a wall to accommodate it.

Placing your LED neon sign across from doors and windows could also be a great opportunity to showcase your new purchase. It will be the first sight that people see when they enter your dining room, making it the perfect conversation piece. The best position for a brand-new sign to be in is where it can be seen and admired by everyone, so choose a space on your wall that helps your sign stand out. Also, be mindful of placing your neon sign near a plug socket so that it can be easily connected.

What style of neon sign should I choose for my dining room?

The style of neon sign you choose is completely up to you; it is best to choose a style that not only suits your personal preferences, but fits in with the interior décor of your dining room. For instance, if you have a more regal, formal dining room, an LED neon sign with script or serif font would fit perfectly into your space. On the other hand, if your dining room has more of a fun atmosphere, a funky image or phrase could be just what your space is missing.

Here at Neon Vibes®, you can design your very own neon sign completely from scratch using your own words. You can choose your own font, colour and size to suit your preferences, and you can even add an acrylic backing to give your sign extra protection. If you want your very own image designing, you can enquire about a quote here.

Things to consider before choosing an LED neon sign for your dining room

Before you install your brand-new neon sign in your dining room, there are certain factors that you may need to take into consideration. As well as ensuring that your sign is installed close to a power source, you should also make sure that it is positioned somewhere where it can stand out and won't disappear. You should also consider the size of your dining room in comparison to the size of your neon sign, as a sign that is too big or too small could look disproportionate.

You should also choose a colour that suits your dining room and your personal style, and try to avoid clashes to avoid contrasting with your interior décor. For instance, a pink neon light sign might not work well with a neutral dining room. Furthermore, keep in mind the location in which you want to install your neon sign, as you want to avoid the neon sign becoming a hindrance.

If you're in need of some inspiration, you can visit us on our website here.

Neon signs from Neon Vibes®

Here at Neon Vibes®, we have wide variety of LED neon signs ready-made and waiting to be hung in your home, providing uniqueness and great neon lighting. If you would like to create your own bespoke sign, you can choose your own words, fonts and colours, and you can even commission your very own design. From uniquely crafted signs for businesses, to personalised quotes for the home, we can assist you in creating the space of your dreams.

To find out more, or to enquire about our bespoke sign-making services, you can get in touch with us here. We will be happy to assist in any way we can.

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