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A guide to custom LED neon logos

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Illuminated logos made with LED neon lighting technology are much safer and more durable than traditional glass neon signs. They don't get too hot and require very little energy to run which makes them great for the environment. Plus, they're able to run for up to 50,000 hours which gives them an incredibly long lifespan. When it comes to creating signage and wall art for businesses, custom LED neon logos are a brilliant way to stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we'll show you why your business could benefit from a custom LED neon logo and talk you through the options available to help you create your design.

Why do I need a custom LED neon logo?

Custom LED neon logos are a fantastic way to put your brand front and centre. LED neon logos draw attention far more efficiently than display posters, and they add a cool, vibrant atmosphere to your business premises. Plus, in cases where members of the public are visiting your premises, bright neon logos make for brilliant photo opportunities. You might find your logo being advertised for free by customers who take selfies with it and upload them to their social media pages.

Unlike a custom LED neon sign which is text-only, a logo gives you more creative freedom to design something which incorporates symbols or your business trademark. This creates an excellent opportunity to harmonise your branding, as you can match your LED neon logo to your marketing materials such as your company’s social media avatar.

Freelancers and business firms alike can make their office space their own with a custom neon LED logo. Retail stores can stand out from competitors and make themselves memorable with an eye-catching neon logo in their windows. Neon LED logos also look brilliant in studios used by designers, artists and photographers because they can quickly sum up your creative style.

Design and colour options

We can create custom neon logos of any size up to three metres in length in one piece and can go even bigger when we split the sign into multiple pieces. We also have a large range of colours available so that your logo can be tailored to match your brand colours perfectly. Choose from:

  • Pink

  • White

  • Warm white

  • Green

  • Light blue

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Red

  • Yellow

  • Orange

Should you require any text along with the logo itself, we have a wide range of fonts to choose from. We have simple sans serif fonts, intricate serif styles, bold block prints and handwritten scripts.

You can also choose from standard LED lights that flash on and off, colour changing LEDs which cycle colours, or chasing effect LEDs that flash in different patterns to create a truly eye-grabbing lighting display.

Finally, we have different backing options to choose from. Your logo can be mounted on a full acrylic panel, or the acrylic can be cut to the shape of your logo so that it is less noticeable.

What to consider when planning a custom LED neon logo

When planning your custom LED neon logo, you should consider the different design options carefully as these will impact the overall look and finish. Consider the wall and room surrounding the spot the logo will be installed in, as this should inform your choices regarding size and backing, as well as the legibility of any text you feature.

Formal environments tend to suit classic colours like white and warm white, whereas pink, purple, yellow and orange can generate a more fun atmosphere. Bright red, green and blue can look bold and industrial and work well in urban spaces. You might want your logo to feature colours that complement the décor or you may prefer contrasting colours to make the logo stand out.

The purpose of the logo plays a role in your design choices too. If there will be instructional text on the sign, you might want to opt for a bold, block font that is easy to read and understand. It goes without saying that you should pay attention to the formality of the symbols you feature on your logo—something a bit risqué probably won’t work in your typical office!

If you'll be installing the logo outdoors, be sure to let us know you want weather protection and we can make the sign splash-proof to protect it against light rain. You'll also want to ensure that you protect the plug and power cable from the elements when you install the light.

When it comes to size, bigger isn't always better. Consider the size of the space it will be going into and how close people will be standing to it. Very big neon logos are hard to fully take in when you're standing too close to them. Small logos in large spaces will get lost, particularly if they're set to be viewed from a distance.

Custom LED neon logos from Neon Vibes

Here at Neon Vibes, we offer a custom LED neon logo design service so that you can achieve the perfect piece of wall art to promote your brand. Simply complete our custom quote request form to tell us what you're looking for and we'll get back to you with a visual and price estimate as soon as possible. You can even upload an image if you already have a logo for us to work with, or give us an idea of the type of design you have in mind.

Our goal is to get your design just right, so we'll be in touch regularly throughout the design process to ensure the finished sign meets all your needs perfectly. If you'd like to chat to us directly about your requirements you can get in touch via email or telephone.

Frequently asked questions

How do you power an LED neon logo?

Our LED neon logos and signs are provided with a standard UK three-pin plug. Simply connect the light’s cable to the power supply and the power lead included then plug it into a socket.

Why is acrylic used in LED neon signs and logos?

Acrylic diffracts neon light very efficiently in order to achieve excellent illumination. It's also reasonably inexpensive, highly durable, shatter-resistant and easy to maintain.

How do you care for an LED neon logo?

Since LED neon flex and acrylic are low maintenance materials, all you need to do to care for the sign is give it a dust now and again.