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LED neon signs for kitchens 

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Neon signs are a popular choice in many settings and establishments. They're memorable and can be custom made, so you can tailor them to suit your style. They are often found in bars and restaurants, as well as beauty salons and even in the home. However, they aren't considered a popular choice for kitchens, but they can actually be a great addition to your dining and cooking space.

In this guide, we will explain why you should get a neon sign for your kitchen, as well as providing advice on placement, safety, and what you need to consider before purchasing.

Why should I get an LED neon sign for my kitchen?

There are various benefits to opting for a neon sign for your kitchen. If your kitchen doubles as a dining room, it's a great place to entertain guests. Having a neon sign can add extra flair to your space, creating conversation and great photo opportunities. They're a unique addition to any kitchen, and you can choose quirky designs such as food and drink, or colloquial phrases such as "fancy a cuppa?"

Neon light signs can transform your kitchen into an entertainment space instantly, providing a bright backdrop to parties and gatherings with your friends and family. You can even choose which colours you prefer to set the tone and make a real difference in your kitchen. No matter whether you have a large kitchen perfect for entertaining or a smaller, cosier space, you can even customise the size to suit your preferences.

You can either choose a pre-made sign, or you can opt for a custom neon sign with your very own words to make the sign even more personal. You can design your own sign, with your choice of wording, colours, font and sizing, here.

Are LED neon signs safe for the kitchen?

As long as neon lights and neon signs are looked after, they are the safest option for your kitchen. Traditional neon burns more intensely, whereas LED neon is safe to touch and won't burn you. As more businesses opt for a bright sign to display inside and outside of their shops, neon signs can last for longer as they won't burn out quickly.

When placing your neon sign in your kitchen, you need to be aware of the different hazards it can come into contact with. Food, water and other kitchen essentials can get splashed onto the sign, so it is important to make sure your sign is safe. You can choose waterproof and splashproof signs to help protect the wiring and tubes. However, the best way to prevent damage is to place your sign away from the dangers of food and water backsplash.

If you need inspiration for your brand-new kitchen sign, we have plenty of choice here.

Where can I place my neon sign in the kitchen?

As mentioned previously, it is important to keep your neon light sign away from potential hazards. From food and water damage to pets causing a problem, your sign needs to be placed where it will be as safe as possible. A popular place to consider is on any wall above your dining table. It sets the tone perfectly, and creates mood lighting for romantic dinners. Try and place your sing on a wall that is free of other decorative assets, so that it makes more of an impact.

To make a statement, placing your LED light sign across from a door can be a great way to greet guests and catch their eye straight away. It makes for a great conversation piece, and you can choose from catchy phrases or memorable images and designs. Also, as mentioned, keep your sign away from cookers or windows, as they can become damaged due to condensation or food substances.

Things to consider before choosing a neon sign for your kitchen

Before you buy your brand-new neon sign, there are a few factors that you need to consider beforehand:


The size of your kitchen and the size of your sign play a major role in the overall finished product. A sign that is too big for the space can overcrowd your kitchen, which isn't ideal if you're aiming for a subtle atmosphere. On the other hand, a sign that is too small can get lost, counteracting the reason you bought the sign in the first place. Decide how big you want the sign to be by measuring your wall. That way, you can have a better understanding.


Neon signs are an investment that you can enjoy for years to come. However, you should always consider your budget before making any decisions. If you find that you cannot afford one now, try saving up for a neon sign that you and your household will enjoy. Neon signs are not expensive, however, and you can design your own LED neon sign that fits your needs and budget perfectly.


Your home decor in your kitchen can influence the type of sign you choose. Kitchens that are neutral could benefit from cool and warm white colours, setting an ambient tone and providing perfect mood lighting for your kitchen. More colourful, adventurous kitchens deserve an extra pop of colour, so why not opt for brighter tones?


This factor usually isn't a big issue for kitchens, but it's worth considering, nonetheless. More formal dining setting could benefit from script and serif fonts, but if you want a more fun twist, novelty fonts and sans serif options are also available for your LED neon sign.

Custom neon signs from Neon Vibes®

Here at Neon Vibes®, we have plenty of pre-made signs ready for any kitchen setting. Each kit comes the signs and cables included, and you can even opt for hanging strips if you don't want to drill your sign into the wall. You can build your own sign completely from scratch, using our designing tool or you can commission your own piece.

To find out more, please get in touch with us today.

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