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LED neon signs for Bars & Restaurants

Elevate the atmosphere of your bar, home bar or restaurant with our collection of LED neon signs! Designed to perfectly capture the essence of your establishment, our signs come in a variety of styles and colours to suit your taste. From classic bar designs to more modern alternatives, our LED neon signs will surely impress your customers. Not only are they visually stunning, but they are also energy efficient and built to last.

Browse our collection now and add some pizzazz to your bar or restaurant today!

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Bars & restaurant Neon Signs

Bar neon sign - V6 from £229.00
Bar neon sign - V4 from £209.00
Disco neon sign - V2 from £259.00
Beer Cups neon sign from £209.00
Club Open neon sign from £179.00
Music Notes neon sign from £209.00
Milkshakes neon sign from £269.00
Casa Amor neon sign from £219.00
Lucky 7 neon sign from £169.00
Coffee Beat neon sign from £219.00
Bar neon sign - V3 from £269.00
Cocktails neon sign from £169.00
Cold Beer neon sign from £189.00
Cold Drinks neon sign from £229.00
Drinks neon sign from £159.00
Bar neon sign - V2 from £139.00
Let's Party neon sign from £209.00