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A full guide to the best home locations for neon signs

  • 5 min read
Advice Centre > Custom LED Neon Signs > Use Case > A full guide to the best home locations for neon signs 

If you have just bought a new home, or you are looking at adding something unique to your existing space, a neon sign is a great choice. They can be commissioned to suit your style perfectly, using your own words and images to really make your house your home. They can be placed anywhere in your home, but there are some spaces that will feel the benefit more than others.

In this guide, we will explore the different locations in your home that could benefit from a neon sign, such as living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. We will also explore the benefits of placing a sign in these rooms, and what you need to consider before choosing your sign.

LED neon signs for walls  

The most common place to see a neon sign is hung proudly on a wall. No matter whether it’s your home, a bar or a business, neon signs can gain more authority on a wall, and can be seen by everyone. Our signs at Neon Vibes ® can come with acrylic backing, helping them stand out and hang more securely.

No matter where you place your neon sign in your home, you can choose from fun graphics and catchy phrases, depending on your preferences. Hanging your sign on your wall should be no problem too; each sign comes with keyhole fittings, making it incredibly easy to screw into your wall. If you’re not too keen on leaving behind any marks, we also provide adhesive hanging strips.

Before you buy your brand-new sign, there are things to consider, such as your budget, the size of your walls and whether you’re close enough to a plug socket. To find out more about hanging your new neon sign on the wall, you can read our previous guide here.

LED neon signs for kitchens

Your kitchen could be the perfect place to hang a bright neon sign. There are plenty of variations out there that would suit a kitchen space, from this “fancy a cuppa?” sign, to more food and drink options. As long as the sign is maintained properly, it is completely safe in the kitchen too. LED lights don’t burn as brightly as traditional neon, and although you should aim to keep your sign out of the way of water and food, you can opt for splashproof options if you prefer.

When looking for places to hang your sign, try to steer clear of hazards, and look for places where they will be eye-catching such as above the dining table or across from doors. You should also consider the size of your kitchen, the colours you prefer, and your existing interior décor.

To find out more about neon signs for the kitchen, please read our full guide here.

LED neon signs for living rooms

If you want to spruce up your living room, a neon sign could be the perfect option for bringing individuality and light. More personal neon signs can work better in a living room, such as cosier images and “happy place” signs. When looking for free spaces to hang in your living room, consider walls where the sign will be appreciated the most. Great choices include behind the TV, above doors and across from windows.

With the ongoing energy crisis affecting homes, neon signs are a much more cost-effective option when compared to traditional halogen neon signs. They use 75% less energy, making them a more practical option. However, apart from your bedroom, you will spend the most time in your living room, so it needs to blend in with your lifestyle and decorative choices.

To find out more about neon signs for the kitchen, please read our full guide here.

LED neon signs for bedrooms

As previously mentioned, you will probably spend the most time in your bedroom compared to any other room. LED neon signs can operate safely in bedrooms, as they can be left on for extended periods of time. They’re energy-efficient, and can be hung up easily.

When thinking of where to hang your sign, consider eye-catching spaces such as above the bed, across from the door and across from the bed. However, you should always make sure that the sign is close enough to a plug socket. A neon sign in the bedroom is much better than typical wall art; it not only presents an original setting, but can provide extra light at night.

Like all neon signs, you should consider the size of your bedroom, your budget and your personal preferences before buying one. To find out more, read our previous guide on neon signs for the bedroom here.

LED neon signs for dining rooms

There are plenty of reasons why you should add a neon sign to your dining room. You can choose from a range of different designs and colours, and you can even commission your very own design. Your neon sign could be the centrepiece of your dining room, and can be hung in any location. Consider hanging your sign above your dining table, preferably at the head of the table, to really draw attention.

Different styles suit different dining rooms; for instance, if you have a classic, stylish space, you may wish to opt for a script font with warm white or cool white colours. However, before you buy your new neon sign, consider how large your space is, and whether the colour of the sign will clash with your existing décor.

To find out more about neon signs for dining rooms, please read our previous guide here.

LED neon signs for gaming rooms

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room for gaming, you may wish to enhance your space with a bright, unique neon sign. There are plenty of gaming signs out there to choose from, from quirky phrases to controllers and PlayStation symbols. When thinking of places to hang your gaming sign, consider spaces such as above the monitor and across from doors to really grab attention.

Before choosing your gaming sign, consider how big the space is, and whether or not you could benefit from a character sign. Gaming rooms are often full of light and eccentric images, so a neon sign will fit in perfectly.

To find out more about gaming neon signs, please read our full guide here.

If you would like to find out more about our full collection of bright neon signs, you can get in touch with our team at Neon Vibes® here.