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Tired of generic, mass-produced led neon? Neon Vibes® is the eco-conscious alternative. Our UK-made signs are built with sustainability in mind,
and our Carbon Footprint Calculations prove it.

We're super proud that:

🌍 We are a Carbon Measured Company. We've meticulously calculated the carbon footprint of your potential Neon Vibes® sign. Our Carbon Calculator, verified by CarbonQuota, gives you the power to make informed, eco-conscious choices.

🌲 Want eco-friendly LED neon? Choose Neon Vibes®. Our UK-made signs and sustainable company practices minimize your environmental impact. It's the smart choice for beautiful signage with a smaller footprint.

  • 1.5-5x LESS CO2 than other UK suppliers
  • Up to 30x LESS CO2 than if bought from Europe
  • Up to 350x LESS CO2 than if bought from China

Support Local Manufacturing and Lower Your Impact

Neon Vibes® signs are crafted right here in our Leeds factory. Buying local means a smaller carbon footprint from reduced shipping and the added bonus of stimulating the UK economy.

Unmatched Sustainability, Backed by Science

We care about the numbers. Our Carbon Footprint Calculator, verified by CarbonQuota®, accurately measures the impact of your Neon Vibes® sign. Armed with this data, you can make truly informed choices about your environmental goals.

Did You Know?

Last Year, 21% of our parcels were delivered by Electric Vehicle. Saving a massive 152kg/CO2e

We're aiming for 65% this year and a saving of 0.5t/Co2e!

Eco-Minded, From Factory to Front Door

Neon Vibes® is meticulous about minimising our impact. We carefully source materials, optimise our manufacturing in Leeds, and prioritise efficient shipping direct from our factory to you. It's sustainability you can feel good about.

A Commitment to Transparency

No greenwashing here. Our partnership with Carma provides trusted, trackable carbon offsets. Choose to plant trees in the UK and beyond, and know you're making a tangible difference.

Your Neon, Your Ethics

Neon Vibes® believes beautiful signs can be eco-conscious. Choose us, and you're choosing a brighter, greener future for everyone.