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LED neon signs for parties

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In this day and age, you never need an excuse to throw a party. It can be to celebrate a momentous occasion, or to simply welcome friends round for a well-deserved get-together. Either way, your party décor could make or break the fun, celebratory atmosphere that most parties aim for. To add a unique twist to your celebration, why not consider a bright neon sign?

No matter the sentiment of your party, LED neon signs can come in a range of sizes and colours, perfect for setting the tone and helping you enjoy your party in style. In this guide, we will explore the various parties that could benefit from an LED sign, and what you should consider before committing to your brand-new sign.

What parties can LED signs be used for?

As previously mentioned, you don't necessarily need a reason to throw a party and have all your loved ones in the same place. However, there are some instances where a party is required more than others. If you have any of the following events coming up on your calendar, be sure to consider pre-made or custom neon signs:


The most obvious reason to throw a party is to celebrate someone's birthday. They're a great way to gather someone's loved ones together, and a bright neon light sign could provide a unique backdrop. Not only can they be bought for someone as a gift, but they can also bring light and colour to any birthday party. You can read our full guide on choosing a birthday party LED neon sign here.


A wedding day should be special, memorable and jubilant, and a personal neon sign can help achieve this tone. An LED sign can be used to direct guests to the venue, provide an exclusive photo opportunity at the reception, or display memorable quotes or even the couple's names. Either way, you can choose a ready-made design or have one made completely from scratch. You can read our full wedding party sign guide here.

Christenings and baby showers

Christenings have always been a traditional staple for most newborns, but baby showers have grown in popularity over the last few years. A neon sign could add a modern twist to your christening party, and at a baby shower, it could even be incorporated into the gender reveal with added colour changing effects.

Anniversaries and engagement parties

Most couples celebrate their anniversary when it lands on a milestone date, so why not showcase the occasion with a custom neon sign? By designing your own sign, you can add the happy couple's name, as well as the date they are celebrating. For an engagement party, you can browse our extensive love and marriage collection here.

How neon signs can benefit a party

LED neon signs can add so much more than just light and ambience to a party. They're a unique asset to have, and can make your day even more special. They could be the statement piece to your party, providing guests with a photo opportunity to remember your day. Everyone wants their event to be as memorable as possible, and a custom neon sign could do the trick.

LED signs are also a great choice because they are easy to maintain and have a longer lifespan than traditional neon lights. They can operate for around 50,000 hours and they use less energy, ensuring that they are the safer option as they won't heat up too much. Once the party is over, you can take your new neon sign home with you and use it again.

When you opt for a custom neon sign, you have the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind design that will stand out from the crowd. Pre-made signs are a great choice, but a unique sign can speak directly to who you are, and it may also be recognisable to partygoers.

To get started on your very own neon sign, please visit us on our website here.

Things to consider before choosing an LED neon sign for your party

Before you buy your new party neon sign, there are a few elements that you need to consider, including:

Colour: choosing a colour scheme beforehand can save you time and stress further down the line. You can either choose a block colour or you can opt for colour changing effects, as well as chasers and dimmers. From warm and cool white to funky pinks and blues, you're in control of the colour.

Budget: Knowing how much you have to spend on a neon sign is incredibly important as you never want to go over-budget. Set yourself a limit and make sure you stick to it.

Size: a neon light sign that is too small could get lost at your party, whereas a large sign may be overbearing. Scope out the venue where the party is taking place so you know what size you can handle for the wall. All signs, both custom and pre-made, can be altered to suit your needs

Font: If your party is a more formal occasion, then serif and script fonts will work perfectly. On the other hand, novelty and sans serif fonts are better suited to more informal settings.

LED light signs from Neon Vibes®

No matter whether you want to build a custom sign from scratch or you're looking for a design to catch your eye, you can find what you're looking for at Neon Vibes®. If you wish to create a bespoke design or logo, tell us your preferences and we'll present you with a quote that suits your needs. Each party, no matter the occasion, should be special, and a neon light sign displayed brightly for all to see is a great addition to any setting.

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Common queries

How do you store neon lights and signs?

If you want to store your signage away for future use, keep it in a cool place where it won't get damaged. Use foam or cardboard when packaging so it is kept safe and ready for its next endeavour. When in use, keep it at a reasonable height free from human error and damage.

How do I pick out a neon sign?

With so many options to choose from, choosing an LED neon sign can seem like a tough decision. By considering your budget, preferred font and colour, as well as size and placement, you can narrow down your search. You should also consider whether you want a custom-made sign too.