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Choosing LED neon signs for birthdays

  • 4 min read
Advice Centre > LED Neon Signs for Occasions > Choosing LED neon signs for birthdays

If you're bored of seeing the same old party decorations, consider sprucing up the vibe with a bright, custom LED neon sign. Birthday parties should be fun and memorable, and a party neon sign with various colours and effects could certainly do the trick. Using LED neon lights instead of traditional neon lights can save you money and energy, and they're much safer too. They can operate for around 50,000 hours, ideal if you want to reuse them for another birthday party!

Custom neon signs can also make for a perfect gift, allowing you to show someone just how much you know and love them. In this guide, we will highlight the various elements to consider before choosing a neon birthday sign, and how they can be the best gift and decorative piece.

Things to consider before buying an LED sign

No matter whether your brand-new happy birthday neon sign is for a party or is a gift, there are different factors that you need to consider first. It might be tempting to choose the first bright sign that you see, but there are plenty of variations that could be the perfect match. Before you buy, try to consider:

  • Size: You should think about both the size of the sign you'd like and the size of the room it will take pride of place in. If you're looking for a happy birthday sign for a party, it will need to stand out and grab attention. Therefore, consider a larger sign to serve this important purpose. However, larger signs might not be the best choice for someone's home if it is a gift.

  • Colour: for a birthday party sign to really stand out, bright and bold colours will be the best choice. However, this all depends on the theme. Once you have decided on the extra décor pieces, you can fit your LED neon sign in nicely. As a gift, the colour of the neon light sign will have to suit your loved one's preferences, so you better know them well enough!

  • Font: like colour, choosing a font depends on the usage of the sign and the person it is being bought for. Novelty and sans serif fonts are the perfect choice for fun birthday parties. Script and serif are suited for more formal occasions, so consider the tone of the party first.

  • Budget: the size of the sign, effects such as dimmers and chasers, and whether it is a custom neon sign all affect cost. Having a budget in mind can narrow down your search.

  • Custom or pre-made: Custom neon signs are perfect if you really want to make a unique statement, but there are plenty of bright signs out there that are great for any kind of birthday party. You can view our full neon birthday party sign collection here.

Benefits of a neon sign as a birthday gift

As well as being a great party piece, you could also give someone the unique gift of an LED neon sign for their birthday. Neon signs can be placed anywhere in the home, and can even come in splashproof options to make them suitable for outside use. They're a unique gift, and custom made neon signs are much more personal. They also have a long lifespan, making them the perfect décor piece for a loved one's living room, bedroom or even their at-home bar.

With custom neon signs, you have the freedom to design a sign you know they will love. You can add your own text, or you can craft them a unique logo that reflects how well you know them. You can use our custom neon sign making tool to choose your preferred backing, size and colour. You can even add an effect to make a real statement.

Neon signs are also low maintenance, so you don't have to worry about providing a gift that's too much hassle to keep up with. As well as being a memorable statement piece, they can be placed anywhere, making them a flexible décor option for the home.

Ready to find the perfect gift for your loved one? You can browse our entire collection here.

Benefits of neon signs for birthday parties

Neon signs can really tie your birthday party décor together, with various colours and designs that can suit any setting. Bright, bold neon signs can add character and are bound to present the perfect photo opportunity for your guests. LED neon signs are also more affordable and energy-efficient than traditional neon; so, if you're the host, don't worry about your sign adding more money and stress to your energy bill!

No matter which neon light sign you choose, you have free reign over the light colours and effects to make the sign work for you. From bright pinks and yellows to neutral warm white, you can set the tone of the party and add a splash of colour. You can even add dimmers and chase effects to really get into the party vibe.

High quality LED neon signs can be easily set up, making them one less stress to worry about before the party. They can also be taken down with ease and reused again for any other party or event that you host. If you're ready to provide a unique setting for your birthday party, consider creating a custom design to make your event one to remember.

Custom signs from Neon Vibes®

Here at Neon Vibes®, we can create the best custom sign for you, no matter whether you want simple text or a personalised logo design. If you'd rather go for a quick and easy option, our pre-made signs are essential for a number of uses; from parties and weddings to business signage, an LED neon sign is the way to go. A birthday should be a special, memorable event, and custom neon signs can add an extra flair to the occasion.

If you are considering bespoke neon signs for your birthday party or occasion, you can view our full collection here. By choosing your own font and colour, you can add your unique, personal touch to the festivities.