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LED Neon Signs for Weddings

  • 5 min read
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A person's wedding day should be one of the most memorable occasions of their life, and there are multiple factors that contribute. The wedding venue, the guests and the music all help the happy couple celebrate their nuptials, but the setting and the wedding decor also play a part. Adding a bright LED neon sign to the ceremony backdrop or reception can be a unique addition to the day, setting the scene and creating a fantastic photo opportunity.

LED neon is a popular choice for signs at parties and weddings due to its durability and energy-efficient properties. They use around 80% less energy than a traditional neon light sign, and they also cost less to run. Not only will they make an impact at your event, but they're also the more stress-free option.

In this guide, we will discuss the various uses for a neon sign at a wedding, and how they can benefit your big day.

How can a neon sign be used at a wedding?

The beauty of a neon sign is that it can be placed anywhere at an event. Whether it's purely for decoration or as a centrepiece for pictures, they provide a vibrant space that can really set the tone of the party. At a wedding, a neon sign can become a part of the ceremony, used as a signpost to guide guests to the room where the ceremony is taking place. You can even customise your very own sign to display your names if you wish.

They could even take centre stage during the actual ceremony, displaying the couple’s names or memorable quotes perfectly suited for a wedding setting. Neon signs also come in a range of colours, so if you're aiming for a warm white to suit the romantic mood, your sign can be catered to your needs.

The wedding reception is where the party really starts. Adding bespoke neon signs to the reception venue can add light and colour, presenting a perfect photo opportunity. You can either opt for pre-made signs designed with a wedding in mind, or you can create your own to add a personal touch to the event. At Neon Vibes®, we have a whole collection dedicated to love and weddings, including our unique "Til Death Do Us Party" sign!

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Benefits of LED neon signs at weddings

Signs are a common sight at weddings. They're often placed outside of the venue, welcoming guests, or they're visible at the reception, introducing the wedding party to the final part of the day. Neon LED signs are a much brighter, memorable asset to a wedding. The various benefits of a neon wedding sign include:


Bright, bold neon signs provide a unique touch to any wedding. If it's a bespoke sign created specifically for the wedding, they're a one-of-a-kind addition that the couple can take home with them as a souvenir of their special day. It can even be added to their home decor, as LED lights work for around 50,000 hours.


LED lights are known for their long lifespan and easy maintenance qualities. They don't burn as brightly as traditional neon signs, so won't cause a safety hazard. This makes them a great choice for weddings, as they provide a more stress-free option.

Freedom of Design

Although you can choose from a wide collection of pre-made neon signs perfect for weddings, creating your own design from scratch can reflect you and your new spouse's preferences perfectly. You can choose your own text, as well as your choice of colours and effects, from colour changing to dimmers.

You can create your very own, bespoke sign here.

The wedding statement piece

Sometimes, couples add fun events and extras to their wedding reception. Photobooths, sweet trolleys and games are common sights at the afterparty, and a bright neon sign could be all your reception needs. Guests could use the sign as the background for their photo opportunities, making it the statement piece that guests will remember.

Things to consider before choosing your LED neon sign

Before you choose your new neon sign for your wedding, there are a few elements that you will need to consider. These include:


Choosing the colour of your neon sign is an important decision to make. You need it to match the decor of the venue and not clash with its surroundings. For example, a bright pink neon sign might not match a mellow, neutral setting, whereas cool white may do the trick.


A sign that is too big or small may not fit in with the atmosphere that you're going for. A small sign will get lost in the wedding, whereas a sign that is too big may seem garish. Consider the size of the place where it is being displayed before you buy. You should also make sure the sign is placed close enough to a mains outlet.


You should consider the theme and atmosphere of the wedding before settling on a font. Serif and script fonts perfectly match a traditional, classic wedding, whereas fun and sans serif fonts present an informal tone.


You should establish if there is any room in your wedding fund for a sign before you commit. Although they are a great asset, you should always consider your finances first.

Custom made or pre-made

If you would like a bespoke sign creating, then a custom sign comes complete with your choice of text or imagery, especially if you're after a logo sign. Pre-made signs can still be perfect for completing your wedding, with plenty of styles and quotes to choose from at Neon Vibes®.

LED signs from Neon Vibes®

A wedding is the perfect place to hang an LED neon sign for all to see. They can be crafted to your preferences, with plenty of colours and effects to choose from. At Neon Vibes®, you can choose your very own text, colour, size and effects, perfect for adding a unique touch to your big day.

If you'd rather browse our ready-made collection, we have hundreds of unique designs to choose from here.

Common queries

How do I hang a neon sign?

Depending on whether you opt for a cut to shape wedding neon sign or a fully backed sign, how they hang can differ. Our signs come with Command hanging strips for easy placement. However, if you wish to attach your sign to the wall with screws, our signs also come with keyhole fixings.

How much does an LED neon sign cost?

Pricing can depend on the size of your sign, whether you opt for effects and dimmers, and whether it is a custom neon sign or pre-made. You can visit us here to design your own sign and receive a quote.

Should I buy or hire an LED neon sign for my wedding?

Hiring may seem like a great choice in terms of saving some money, but they won't be as unique and you won't be able to keep them as a fun souvenir. Buying a neon sign means you can do whatever you want with the sign without worrying about sending it back. If you would like more information, please get in contact here.