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A complete guide to creating custom LED neon signs

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There are various reasons why opting for an LED neon sign is a great choice for homes and businesses alike. They can make a great statement piece, and they’re much more cost-effective and energy-efficient than traditional glass neon. To make them more personal, you can even choose custom designs.

A custom LED neon sign can make a bold statement. When planning your design, you can choose from a variety of colours, fonts and effects to make the sign more unique to you. LED neon signs are also easy to install and maintain, making them a more stress-free choice.

LED lighting for neon signs is a great choice in more ways than one. They have a longer life span than traditional neon signs that can save you money and keep your sign illuminated for longer. LED lights produce less heat than traditional light bulbs, so they’re much safer and are more energy efficient.

In this guide, we will discuss the various factors to consider when creating your very own bespoke LED neon sign.


Choosing a font amongst the hundreds that are available can be confusing and overwhelming. Before deciding on a font, consider the different styles on offer to determine which best suits you. Popular styles include:

  • Serif and sans serif: this simple yet popular style is perfect for formal signs and comes in standard fonts such as Helvetica (sans serif) and Times New Roman (serif)

  • Hand-drawn: this style can add more whimsy and character to your custom neon sign, perfect if you’re looking for something a little more unique

  • Script: if you’re looking for a more profession, up-market neon sign, script is the perfect style to choose

  • Retro: this particular style can give your sign an old-fashioned, classic feel

  • Novelty and comic: for more fun, attention-grabbing signs, these styles are brilliant if you’re wanting to present an informal setting

However, there are different style points that you need to consider before choosing your custom LED neon sign. Readability is incredibly important, especially in signage that may display your business’s name or give directions. The purpose and placement of the sign can also determine its formality. For instance, you might want a sign in your garden to appear much more informal than a sign at your business.

You should also aim to choose a font that works with the size of the sign. Large, comic font could overshadow any symbols or logos on your sign. Small script font could be hard to read and won’t be as effective on a neon sign.

To learn more about the font options available for custom LED neon signs, read our expert guide.


In LED neon signs, lettering can come in the form of a single letter, word or phrase. These signs are popular for adding character, personality and uniqueness to a home or business setting. They are completely customisable, allowing you to choose your lettering, as well as the font, colour and size.

There are various lettering types available for LED signs, such as channel lettering, reverse channel letters, open face letters and die-cut vinyl. Each variation has its own merits and can make your bespoke neon sign stand out from the crowd.

How you intend to use your sign is a big determining factor in the lettering and style that you choose. Whether it will be placed in your home or above a shop, you need to decide which lettering will be most suitable. Size, font and installation location can all influence which lettering you choose, depending on whether you’re looking for a formal or informal sign.

The intended backing of your sign should also be considered. Here at Neon Vibes, we offer acrylic backing in three different styles: full board, cut to shape and cut to letter. Your backing can either be cut to shape for small designs, symbols or single letters, or you could opt for full backing if your sign will include a phrase or more complex design. You can take inspiration from some of our pre-made LED neon signs here.

Our guide to lettering for custom LED neon signs discusses these factors in more detail.


As well as fonts and styles, there are also many different effects that can come with LED neon signs. From simple, standard colour to flashing and colour changing, effects can add extra flair to an already eye-catching neon sign. Signs with flashing effects would be perfect for bars and clubs, whereas dimming effects might be more suitable for calmer environments, such as salons.

LED signs placed in more formal locations, such as professional businesses, might not benefit from flashing lights and bright colours. Chase effects may also make the sign hard to read, especially if you use script fonts. Dimmers can add a retro look to your sign whilst adding a modern twist, making them great for homes and gardens.

Choosing an effect largely depends on the location of the sign and the formality of its setting, so bear that in mind when thinking about adding effects.

For more information about the different effects you can achieve with LED neon signs, read our expert guide.