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Creating custom LED neon signs: effects

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Over the past few decades, LED lighting technology for signage and wall art has seen rapid improvements in quality and design. Popularised in the 60s and 70s, LED neon signs were seen as more durable and energy-efficient than glass neon, with a lower input voltage. They are also a more cost-effective alternative to traditional glass neon.

In this guide, we'll cover various aspects of LED tech that make it such a good choice for homes and businesses alike. We will also discuss the various aspects to consider when opting for a custom neon sign design.

Different types of effects for LED neon signs

Standard, single colour

If you're looking for a classic look that never goes out of style, this is the option for you. A simple block colour can still make a big statement and can speak directly to your personal style. You can even customise your very own text or logo.

Dimming/flashing (achieved with a rotary dimmer)

This option is excellent for those who love the old-school, retro look but want to add a modern twist. Rotary dimmers allow for the same great look as standard dimmers with the added bonus of brightness adjustment.

Colour-changing to dim, flash and cycle through colours

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, grab some of these great assets and set up an epic light show in your home or office! With this option, you can choose how the light changes. You can make it gradually cycle through the colours or flash between them quickly—or even stay on one colour until you decide to switch to the next one!

Chase effects (animated with pre-set programs)

This option uses pre-programmed effects to create an animated LED neon light. The chase effect uses lights and different colours to create graphics that genuinely captures the attention of anyone who sees it. The sign can move in several ways; it can blink, flicker, bounce back and forth, or move from side to side.

Choosing an effect for your LED neon sign

Here are just a few things you should note down before you to choosing an effect for your custom LED neon sign:


When you're choosing the effect for your custom LED neon sign, you'll want to think about where it will be placed. Some effects are better suited to quiet and peaceful areas, like meditation rooms or nurseries. Others are best in spaces where there's a lot of activity, like offices or high-traffic areas.

If they're going to be hanging over your bed, you might want something in a soft light, like a slow fade between colours or a twinkling star pattern. On the other hand, fun colour changes or a chasing pattern might be more appropriate for your bar.


You should also consider how formal or informal the setup of your sign will be. Depending on your application, certain effects might not be appropriate for your message and its intended audience. For instance, dramatic effects may not be suitable for formal businesses. On the other hand, if you're installing your custom neon sign in an entertainment venue like a club or bar, brighter colours and even flashy animations will help the sign stand out.

Text readability

The most crucial part of any neon sign is the text. Regardless of what your neon sign is trying to convey, people need to be able to read it. Some effects can obscure your text slightly. For example, using flickering lights can make reading some letters in some fonts hard. It's usually best to choose an effect that allows for maximum readability.


How much space you have can determine the best effects that your sign should display. A smaller room may not benefit from a large sign with bright, flashing colours, as it can be quite distracting and harsh on the eye. However, a larger room could display several LED signs, so long as they don’t clash with each other or have too many effects.

Custom LED neon signs from Neon Vibes

Neon Vibes take pride in offering a wide range of options for their customers. We have multiple types of LEDs available, including standard, colour-chasing (multi-colour) and chase effects (blinking). You can either build a custom LED neon sign from scratch, or you can browse our wide collection here.

You can select from several colours and font options for your custom sign, and you can make your design as big or small as you like. If you're looking for something niche or specific, you can request a quote for a custom logo.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best fonts for LED neon signs?

When you're selecting a font for your LED neon sign, you have more to take into account than just whether it looks good. We offer a range of font options for our custom LED signs, such as Typewriter for a more traditional appeal, the modern-looking Empire and the super-sleek Notre. Find out more about our font options here.

Where should you place an LED neon sign in the home?

When you get a neon sign for your home, you want it to be placed somewhere where it will make a statement. A LED neon sign can be used in almost any room of your home, from the kitchen to the kid's rooms. Here are five of our favourite places to put LED neon signs:

  • Above a fireplace

  • In an entryway or foyer

  • Over a bar cart

  • On a feature wall

  • On top of a bedside table

We have a wide range of neon signs for you to choose from, but if you can't find what you're looking for, we'll help you create a bespoke design that’s completely unique to you. Contact us today to get started on your personalised LED neon sign.