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See below for our range of font styles that we use to produce our signage. You can choose any of these fonts when creating your own sign on our custom sign page or when sending a custom quote request through to us.

Font selection


If you have chosen a colour changing option, your sign will come with a remote which can be used to change the colour of the sign, making it flash or follow different patterns, as well as altering the brightness. Relaxing or raving, our signs will adapt to your atmosphere perfectly.
Dimmers can be added to your order as an optional extra.



There are 3 types of LED to choose from and 10 different colours!
Click HERE to see our guide to colours and effects.



A clear acrylic backing panel is used on all signs as standard. We offer three options to the shape of this on ordering. These are full panel, cut to shape and cut to letter.

Panel Options


Our signs are supplied with adhesive hanging strips which allow you to hang your sign easily, without the need for tools. Each backing panel also has "keyhole" fixings on them which allows you to hang your sign on screws. For more info on fitting the signs using hanging strips, see our handy guide HERE.

Fixing Options


Firing up your new sign couldn't be easier! All our signs come with a standard UK 3-pin plug. All you need to do is connect the clear cable coming out of the sign to the power supply and the power lead and you're all set, just plug in and your sign will ILLUMINATE!

PSU and Cable


Here's an idea of what your sign will look like when it's switched off and when it's switched on...


Our signs are packed with care in boxes made to size especially for your product. Here's what the package might look like when it arrives...

Packaging image



Check out our size guide below to get an idea on what the sizes translate as against a common background. This is only a rough guide but hopefully it will give you a good idea. If you'd like any further help with sizing, just email us at and we'll get back to you ASAP!



We hope this information will be useful and help you when choosing the right sign for you. We will always be happy to help in any way we can so please get in touch if you need us by emailing us, using live chat or by calling us on 01133470111