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LED Types & Colours

There are 3 types of LED to choose from when ordering your sign:
Standard - Colour Changing - Chasing Effects

For standard colours, you've got 10 options which are:
White ▪ Warm White ▪ Yellow ▪ Orange ▪ Red ▪ Green ▪ Pink ▪ Purple ▪ Blue & Light Blue

If you choose one of these options, your sign will only light up in that colour.
Also - when switched off, our signs are white in colour.

It's tricky to get good photos of the signs to show their true colour but
hopefully this pic helps give you an idea of what the flex looks like...

IRL the sign's colours are really vivid - we've no doubt you'll love them
LED colour options


A standard pink sign flashing on and off:

Colour Changing LED option comes with a remote control for you
to be able to change the colour to whichever you want.
It also has programs to choose from that will let you make the sign
flash, cycle through colours and other things. 

Here's a colour changing sign cycling through the standard LED colours:

Chasing Effects LED option comes with a remote control to choose
between a selection of programs that make the light chase
along the sign, in various colours, speeds and patterns. 

A Chasing Effects sign using a rainbow effects pattern:

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