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Nootropics & Dragons Den

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 London Nootropics x Neon Vibes®

I recently got the opportunity to speak to Zain, one of the co-founders of London Nootropics, a start-up launched in March 2020 and featured on Dragon’s Den in early 2022.

London Nootropics is an adaptogenic wellness company, creating adaptogenic coffee blends to help balance both mind and body.  The coffees they create give the benefits of regular coffee without the negatives.

Meeting on zoom with someone I have only seen on TV felt a bit strange. Particularly as Zain - and his business partner Shez - showed themselves to be nobody’s fools, as they won over shrewd dragons Deborah Meaden and Sarah Davies.

If I was expecting the interview to be uncomfortable, I was wrong. Such a warm and friendly guy, open and chatty, as well as being incredibly passionate about the purpose behind the London Nootropics brand.

Tell me about your coffee blends

Mushroom coffee is a blend of coffee and medicinal mushroom extracts. With adaptogenic coffee you get all the benefits of regular coffee whilst minimising any side-effects. As the adaptogens help balance cortisol levels, allowing you to get the benefits of caffeine without the stress!


Those who drink our coffee blends report:

  • Improved energy
  • Improved memory
  • Improved stamina
  • Improved concentration
  • Boosted immunity

Check it out:

Did Dragons Den help your business?

Absolutely, we achieved a huge amount of brand awareness in a very short time. People were interested, people liked us and they were also really intrigued about our product.

What is the future for London Nootropics?

We are working on a lot of NPD - larger format tins, blends for the evening. Exciting stuff. Watch this space!

Do you use influencers to build and promote your brand?

To be honest we haven’t formally worked with influencers, it has happened naturally as people try our drinks and love them.

Why did you choose to work with Neon Vibes®?

As part of developing our brand awareness, we regularly attend foodie shows and events all over the country.

We were looking for ways to create stand out for our stall, to attract people to visit us, and to feel the positive vibes of our brand while they were with us.

We started looking, where many do, on Google. Luckily for us we found Neon Vibes® - Yorkshire-based custom LED neon sign creators. We were looking for something completely custom and high quality which would last – we travel around a lot to events like this, we didn’t want the sign to fall apart after the first event.

We got in touch with Mick in support, to discuss our ideas. He was brilliant. He quickly pulled together some design options and very soon our first neon was on the road with us!

Find your flow nootropics


What do you think of the sign Zain?

We love it! It’s a gorgeous sign, really highlights our stand, we get lots of great comments. We are so happy that it was created for us by a fellow independent. Plus, the customer service was absolutely spot on!

We initially bought the sign for events, it has been so useful as a backdrop to quite a few of our Instagram posts and stories.

We have since bought an amazing sign, for our new venture too.

I hear you have a pop-up coffee bar in Piccadilly Circus, Shroom Town?  How did it come about?

That is a funny one really. It definitely wasn’t in the original plan. It has really made me realise that in business you have to take the opportunities as they come along. When you connect with great people who want to work with you, that is the sign that you need to talk and work out a way forward.

Shroom Town came about by accident really. One step - or rather one person - led to another.  Before we knew it as a collaboration between London Nootropics and Oh My Shrooms, we had created a one of a kind adaptogenic coffee bar in Piccadilly Circus!

We couldn’t resist getting a new LED neon custom made sign from Neon Vibes®

It is going so well, has just a great feel about it…you must visit!

Link to shroom town

Shroom Town Nootropics

If you have to give one piece of advice to new business founders, what would it be?

Work with people who you really resonate with.

Watch Zain and Shez, founders of London Nootropics on Dragons Den: