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Neon Vibes® Unplugged x Elaine

  • 2 min read

Neon Vibes Unplugged Logo, Blog Banner 'Elaine Has Been in the Sign Game Since Day Dot'

Portrait Image of Elaine


In the second part of Neon Vibes Unplugged, we caught up with Elaine, the operations aficionado. From Power Supply Units (PSUs) and dimmers to boxes and tape, Elaine ensures our technicians are well-equipped. Elaine's meticulous approach guarantees a seamless production process, highlighting her crucial role in bringing Neon Vibes' artistic visions to life.


Tell me a bit about yourself, what is your work background and what made you decide to take this role at Neon Vibes?

With my parents having a sign company, I guess you could say I was born into the trade. I've had the chance to work in most positions throughout the industry, which has helped me to learn where my abilities lie. Other than a brief stint as a Landlady, signs are what I know best, and the organising and collating of materials is something I have a natural ability for, it's something find interesting, I have also been known to find it fun!

How do your unique skills and experiences contribute to the overall success of the team?

I have a good grasp of the 'background' knowledge of all our components so it helps with things like figuring out the best PSU or dimmer unit to use, or which products work better together. And that's all information that I am working on passing onto others, the more that know, the easier the whole process becomes.

Elaine Organising Stock


Is there a part of your job that gives you the jump-out-of-bed-in-the-morning vibe? 

I have to say, I think the best part of the job is watching all the different, and often intricate, designs come to life. There is nothing better than looking at any job with a technician and then seeing it go through the process to being a finished product.

What do you think is important for a positive and productive work environment?

I think it's important for us all to learn together. We have a good practice of talking through things and listening to each others ideas before deciding on the best way to go about the manufacture process. I also think its important for us to correct any mistakes at any stage, and making sure to compliment on a job well done, that way we all know where we can make improvement and we can all appreciate a job well done!

Is there anything happening behind the scenes that you're eager to share?

A majority of my work is behind the scenes with things like organising stock and the workload for the technicians. But, as nerdy as it is, I am working on a process to streamline and organise the stock better. This should make things easier for every member of staff and hopefully make us more productive. This is still a work in progress, but I'm hopeful to see positive changes very soon.