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Neon Vibes® Unplugged x Faz

  • 3 min read

Ever wondered how our LED neon signs go from concept to reality? Let us introduce Faz. With a background in product design, Faz's creativity and attention to detail breathe life into client visions. Her approachable demeanour fosters seamless collaboration within the team and with clients. What truly excites Faz is the chance to craft unique designs and witness them materialise into stunning creations.

Tell me a bit about yourself, what is your work background, and what made you decide to take this role at Neon Vibes?

My employment began in a retail position while simultaneously pursuing my studies in product design at university. However, this job proved to be lacking in both productivity and excitement, becoming monotonous over time. I decided to step outside my comfort zone and apply for a position at Neon Vibes as an LED technician. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as it allowed me to express my creativity while engaging in a hands-on job. Eventually, I had the chance to oversee the creation of the signs we produce. This was an amazing opportunity for me, as design has long been my aspiration. Now, I have the privilege of drawing the designs based on the specifications provided by our clients.

How do your unique skills and experiences contribute to the overall success of the team?

I believe my creativity enables clients to fully express themselves; I can envision the signs they desire and build an idea for them to visualize. I also have a keen eye for detail, allowing me to determine which colours and compositions are most appropriate for our customers. We then collaborate with clients to ensure that we deliver exactly what they desire. I also believe that my approachable demeanour contributes to our team's effectiveness. I strive to make myself appear more approachable, making discussions with clients about designs a smoother process.

Is there a part of your job that gives you the jump-out-of-bed-in-the-morning vibe?

I love it when we have the opportunity to create something genuinely unique, inventive, and different. Watching the masterpiece come to life inspires me. The fact that no one else has created the designs I have previously created, in my opinion, makes the job fun and gives me a sense of pride in the effort I put into it.

What do you think is important for a positive and productive work environment?

I believe it's essential to approach co-workers with confidence and to have strong communication abilities. We, as individuals, have to be able to accept constructive criticism to lighten our workload and work more effectively, both for ourselves and as a team.

The fact that I am a creative person helps what I do at Neon Vibes® – in fact most of our team have a strong creative background. I think this is so important, and ensures that all our signs and lights are really beautiful to look at as well as high quality.

In my spare time I am always painting and drawing, I especially love to create landscapes. However, I do often get commissions orders for canvases - usually realistic paintings of pets - I find this a real creative outlet, and a brilliant way to de-stress too. 

Is there anything happening behind the scenes that you're eager to share?

We're working on improving our 3D visuals to show to our customers. It's a bit of a hassle, so we're trying to simplify the process to make things work more effectively. It will be really interesting if it manages to work.