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Leeds United Legend works with us!

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Given our location right next door to the home of Leeds United, Elland Road, you can imagine the level of excitement in our workshop when Leeds United Legend - and scorer of the first goal ever in the Premiership - Brian Deane, asked us to create a custom LED neon sign for his new garden cabin.

A focus on home bar and garden room

Leeds-based Brian had just had a garden room installed by Lincs Cabins Ltd []. He was in the process of kitting it out to create a contemporary, relaxed, holiday vibe when someone suggested he consider a custom LED neon sign.

The inspiration behind the sign Neon Vibes® designed for Brian was a chilled-out bar, The Rum Shack, which Brian and his family have visited over the years on the island of Barbados.  

“My wife, Faye and I have had many very happy times on the island of Barbados. To us it is the best place in the world, and The Rum Shack is a huge part of that. Creating The Rum Shack at home, feels like we are bringing a little bit of holiday heaven to our corner of Yorkshire.” Said Brian.

Bringing The Rum Shack to life

Our designers liaised with Brian to create a custom LED neon to his own specification, helping to choose colour, font, layout and dimensions to ensure that the sign would fit both the space and create the right mood.

The Rum Shack in Leeds

The sign was delivered last week, and installed the week of the 30th anniversary of Striker Brian’s historical first premiership goal.

Here are the pictures of the sign in situ.…

“We are over the moon with the sign, the guys at Neon Vibes® have been absolutely wicked. The range of options they had – fonts and colours - were mind-blowing, and the finished sign is top quality. Even better that it is handmade in Leeds. We are looking forward to some chilled evenings with friends.”

At Neon Vibes, we are secretly hoping that the Yorkshire branch of the The Rum Shack is the first of many! Maybe we will get an invitation to the opening night??! Who knows.

We love how the sign turned out, and very much hope that it helps Brian and his family to recreate the chilled-out holiday vibe he was looking for.

A bit about Brian Deane’s career in football

Mention Brian’s name to anyone in the know in football and the word ‘legend’ is never far away. So much so that the football-mad family behind Neon Vibes® still can’t believe they have had the honour of supplying a neon to Brian.

During his 21-year career, Brian played for 3 Northern Clubs – Doncaster Rovers, Sheffield United and Leeds United. As well as further afield including Leicester City, West Ham and Benfica. Brian also played three times for England, going on to work in management for Norwegian side Sarpsborg 08.

Beyond his playing career

Today, Brian is still heavily involved in both football and media.

Having co-founded Phoenix Sport and Media Group, based in Silverstone; he is currently working on a project called Academy Cyber Stars. This project is in collaboration with partners such as Liverpool Football Club, John Barnes, CompTIA, BIT Training and Hack the Box in which teams support young footballers to transition to new careers when their dreams of being a full-time professional footballer do not come true.

Brian also regularly appears on TV and SUTV as a guest pundit for both Leeds United and Sheffield United matches.