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Faz - International Women's Day

  • 3 min read

Faz - Neon Vibes® - LED Neon Technician

A bit about me

I’m 22, my name is Faaziah. I love the fact that this means successful, prosperous and victorious in Arabic! 

Most of the people I know call me by my nickname though, which is Faz. I'm an interesting a mix of Indian and Fijian, yet have I've lived in Yorkshire all my life.


A passion for design

I recently graduated university and now I'm working at Neon Vibes®. At university I studied product design, creating products from concept through to development and production. A major challenge in product design is finding solutions to problems, understanding and defining the needs of users and developing products to meet those needs.

Funnily enough - given that today we are celebrating International Women’s Day - my final product idea for my degree was a necklace designed to help keep women stay safe. Using my necklace wearers can easily alert others, through GPS and various apps - that they are in danger and need help. 

My creative passions

I love creating, painting, drawing and photography.

Photography-wise I often work on at small events like weddings and birthdays, with the occasional commission for landscape photography.

In my spare time I am always painting and drawing, I especially love to create landscapes. However, I do often get commissions orders for canvases - usually realistic paintings of pets - I find this a real creative outlet, and a brilliant way to de-stress too. 

The fact that I am a creative person really helps what I do at Neon Vibes® – in fact most of our team have a strong creative background. I think this is so important, and ensures that all our signs and lights are really beautiful to look at as well as high quality.

What I do at Neon Vibes®

My job role at Neon Vibes® is an LED Neon Technician, which means that I create the signs from the raw materials to the finished products. Laying out the LED making sure that it looks as gorgeous and sharp as possible. I then solder the LED together and secure it to the acrylic backing. 

My largest influence 

I find my inspiration within I think. I am constantly motivated to improve who I am and how I do what I do; progression and development is so important to me.  Basically, I am always striving to improve on the person I was yesterday. I often look back at my past self and note how far I have come, this never fails to provide me with further motivation.  

The best piece of creative advice I have been given

Always use creativity to express emotions and feelings, it's the best way to make your mark on the world and show people who you are. It adds character to your personality and gives a positive outlook on life.

The one thing I've always wanted to do

Travel the world! Although I've been fortunate enough to fly abroad a few times, I would love to travel more and explore new countries and cultures. Also, I have always wanted to try skydiving - although I'm terrified of heights , (I'm not sure how that will work) but it's always good to be ambitious!! Something to work on!

A word from the boss on International Women's Day 

'At Neon Vibes® we're proud to have a dynamic team filled with a diverse mix of talent, opinions, and personalities! Our team members bring their unique strengths and perspectives to the table, creating an atmosphere of creativity and innovation that makes coming to work a blast.

Today we give a special shout-out to the leading ladies on our team - Elaine, Lucy, Faz, Eve, and Kayleigh! From operations to design to manufacturing to creative advertising, they are essential to our success. We couldn't imagine Neon Vibes® without these amazing women, and we're lucky to have them on our team!'