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LED Neon Sign

Size: 50cm

How cool will this look hanging in your window? Or on your door?
This awesome festive neon led sign is
handmade in the UK, by our experienced team, all year round.

Mixed, as shown.
**If you want a different colour combination, please write what you want in the notes at checkout 👍**

Sizes (All apx and include the backing)
50cm - 55cm(h) x 53cm(w)
75cm - 80cm(h) x 77cm(w)
100cm - 105cm(h) x 102cm(w)
150cm - 155cm(h) x 150cm(w)*
200cm - 205cm(h) x 198cm(w)*
250cm - 255cm(h) x 247cm(w)*
*split into multiple pieces. Ask for details