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Santa Head

Highly energy efficient ⚡ from only 5p p/day to run!

LED Neon Sign

Size: 50cm

Santa Head
If you're feeling Santa-mental for the yuletide season, this neon led sign is just for you!
Handmade in the UK, all year round, with Santa's express permission.

Available in colours as shown.

Sizes (All apx and include the backing)
50cm - 55cm(h) x 36cm(w)
75cm - 80cm(h) x 51cm(w)
100cm - 105cm(h) x 66cm(w)
150cm - 150cm(h) x 97cm(w)*
200cm - 205cm(h) x 127cm(w)*
250cm - 255cm(h) x 158cm(w)*
*split into multiple pieces. Ask for details