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Cupcake Each Hand neon sign

costs from only £0.05p p/day to run

Size: 100cm
Colour: White

Cupcake Each Hand neon sign
Indulge your sweet tooth with our whimsical balanced diet LED neon sign. This playful sign reminds you that sometimes, the secret to happiness lies in enjoying life's little indulgences. Picture yourself holding a delectable cupcake in each hand, savouring their heavenly flavours and embracing the joy they bring. Celebrate the joy of indulgence and savour every moment, one cupcake at a time.

Available in all colours
'A Balanced Diet' is always in White

Sizes (All apx and include the backing)
100cm - 47cm(h) x 100cm(w)
120cm - 57cm(h) x 120cm(w)
150cm - 71cm(h) x 150cm(w)*
200cm - 94cm(h) x 200cm(w)*
250cm - 118cm(h) x 250cm(w)*
*split into multiple pieces. Ask for details

LED neon signs

Customised LED Neon Signs

All of our high quality LED neon signs are custom designed by us and can be altered to your preferred specifications, size and colours. We can make any neon sign light you want, in any font, and a wide selection of colours.

UK, US, EU Plug Included

Your new LED neon sign comes with a suitable plug for your country of residence.
The distance from the sign to the plug socket is 4-5m overall.

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Standard orders take apx 14 working days, including production and shipping.

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Easy to Install

Our neon signs are mounted on high quality, clear acrylic backboards, stands or boxes and include 3M Command strips for easy 'non-destructive' fitting. Plus the backboards come pre-drilled with 'keyholes' should you decide to mount with screws. No special tools required.

Low Energy, High Brightness

Our LED neon signs are both economical and ecologically friendly. Costing from as little as £0.05p p/day in electric to run, they have low energy consumption and a 100,000+ hours lifespan

Strong And Beautiful

Our neon signs come in a range of bright, eye-catching colours. The energy-efficient technology ensures a powerful light that lasts for years.

Remote Control Available

Dimmers are supplied with every sign as standard. You can add a remote control option for most designs. This allows you to Switch ON/OFF and pick from various brightness settings.

12 Months Warranty

We offer the latest LED neon flex technology which is both stronger & lighter than glass neon tubes. All of our indoor signs come with a 12-month manufacturer warranty covering faulty items.