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Personalised 'merch'

Working with brands, artists, creators and influencers around the globe, we create unique pieces of merchandise that can be sold across a wide range of retail outlets.

How it works?

1. Give us your design or thoughts and ideas

We're happy to work from hard and fast designs/logos that you provide, as well as creating something by using your ideas on a scribbled piece of paper.

We can also suggest RRPs once we have the final design, and these are based on a special 'cost-to-you' pricing structure where we cost in bulk, but allow you to buy them 1 at a time.


2. We make samples

We'll supply as many samples as needed at cost, so you can start to promote the merch, and create a buzz for the product.


The cost for the samples will be knocked off the price of future orders, split over a set number, so you'll get the money paid for the initial samples back eventually, making them FREE!


3. Sell, Sell, Sell

It's your turn to get selling. Once you start receiving orders, let us know the quantity and we'll get them made.

We'll only make as many as you sell, so you're not having to pay for unsold stock, and there's no guessing involved.


The more you sell, the cheaper they get too!!


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