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The Smithy Family

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 The Smithy Family

The Smithy Family
Dad Nick, Mum Jess and their children Amelia, Isabella and Teddy, along with Jess's half-brother, Jack make up the social media sensations The Smithy Family.
After being declared as 'too embarrassing' by his daughters during lockdown, Nick opened his own social media and took the world by storm filming himself and the family doing some wild and wonderful things.
The entire family shot to fame and each took it in their stride and no doubt loved it, (although we all know just how embarrassing Dads can be!).

The 1st batch of signs..
Neon Vibes® were approached in April of 2021 to collaborate and make their LED neon signs which we did so gladly.
Unfortunately, only a couple of months later, tragedy struck as they fell victim to arson. Thankfully, the family made it out unharmed but their home was no longer liveable. 
Fans set up a GoFundMe page on their behalf which raised £47,000 to help them. Proving to be the generous people they are, they gifted large sums to various charities which melted the hearts of millions.
In true Smithy style, they dusted themselves off and got back on video letting their fans know they are doing well and looking to the future.

How we helped
Like a phoenix they have risen from the ashes and we at Neon Vibes® decided to replace the 5 signs which were lost in the arson attack.


We're delighted to give back the signs that they lost in the hope that it will, in some small way, re-light their road to success.