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Not On The High Street brings Neon Vibes®

  • 2 min read

At the end of September, we received an urgent call from a lovely person working directly with the gorgeous Not On The High Street (NOTHS) brand. Her role was to curate the unique NOTHS pop-up concept in the heart of London. The pop-up was to be live for 2 days, in the building which was previously home to Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green.

Not on the high street FML pop up store

NOTHS as a brand

In case haven’t heard of it before, Not On The High Street is a gorgeous online brand, set-up to allow people to source beautiful, unique and often personalised gifts directly from creators. The business is known specifically for having NO HIGH STREET PRESENCE! I mean, it is baked into the name!

Riding to the rescue

Having been let down at the 11th hour, NOTHS came to us with a big problem. Just a few days before the pop-up popped, they were let down by their supplier. The one-of-a-kind, LED neon, wavy selfie mirror she had ordered, would not arrive in time! Nightmare.

Thankfully, through the power of Google they found her way to Neon Vibes®, and the phone was answered by Mick - our amazing production and support manager. NOTHS was searching for a LED neon lit wavy selfie mirror, highlighted in pink, purple and yellow. Unable to find it anywhere else, they needed Neon Vibes to design, make and deliver completely from scratch!  The neon selfie mirror was to create a stunning focal point for visitors to the pop-up.

Wavy Mirror led neon sign

Mick was - as usual - completely unflappable, and assured them that Neon Vibes® could deliver precisely to their specification. From that point he ensured that everything went like clockwork, and the item was delivered bang on time. Completely surpassing the client’s expectations! Well done Mick and team.

Wavy Mirror led neon sign

Wavy mirror led neon sign