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Neon Vibes® Unplugged x Mick

  • 3 min read

As customers and clients of a company, we always want to know what goes on behind the scenes and feel that personal touch when spending our hard-earned money on a product.

Here at Neon Vibes, we take pride in connecting with our customers and bringing their ideas to light.

We are taking that extra step in a series of blogs called 'Neon Vibes Unplugged,' where we delve deeper into who works here and what makes them tick. And where better to start than with numero uno, NV Manager Mick Farrell?

Neon Vibes® Manager Mick Farrell
Tell me a bit about yourself, what is your work background and what made you decide to take this role at Neon Vibes?

'I’ve been in the sign game all my working life - starting way back in ‘78 climbing on benches to fret cut text from acrylic panels, and then making the letters using circular and band saws, all by hand! I moved on through the ranks and eventually into various management roles. The role at Neon Vibes was one I felt was an exciting challenge, as the LED Flex signs were something new, and I felt that there would be a wide range of uses for this kind of sign because of the flexibility of the materials. I also think there’s a huge marketplace for our signs, covering all kinds of sectors, but we’re only scratching the surface at the moment and I’m looking forward to seeing where this can go.'

What qualities do you appreciate the most in your team? 

'Pride and passion are the expressions I’d use for all of the team, whether it’s working out the best way to make a design look right, or making sure it’s assembled in a certain way, to the customer service side of the team, we all want the whole process to be professional, but fun for us, but more so for the customer, if we treat them right throughout, the chances are, they’ll come back again, but if not, they’ll be left with a good impression. The team are proud of what we’re capable of, and of what we’ve steadily built here.'

What’s the most fulfilling part of your role? 

'I think that’s tricky to answer because there are several things that I feel are fulfilling, watching the team develop and evolve is very satisfying. I also take great pride in looking after our customers, whether it’s a large multi-sign order, or a ‘one-off’, it matters that we take the time to go through the customers' jobs with them, so they know exactly what’s happening. I also enjoy being involved in the planning side of things, whether it’s a marketing idea, or developing sales strategies, I feel I have a lot to offer, and am still keen to learn new ideas too!'

Neon Vibes® Team Member
Neon Vibes has a fair few competitors, what do you think sets them apart from the rest when supplying to businesses?

I believe that we are in a strong position to deal with commercial businesses for several reasons: We make everything in-house and here in Leeds, we’re transparent, and often invite customers in to see at first hand what we’re about. This also gives our customers the confidence that we’re on hand if there are any issues. There’s also our studio, so if the customer needs to, we can quickly tweak something.

With my (our) background in signs, I think it reassures customers that we know what we’re talking about and will help find the best solution for their project too. Although there are a lot of competitors out there, I also feel that the majority are focused on retail customers, and can’t give the flexibility that our customers need.

Is there anything happening behind the scenes that you're eager to share?

'As I’ve mentioned, I’m keen to look into new sectors and we’re looking at ways of building our social media presence. We’re also looking at new and different kinds of materials which, if they’re right for us, will add to what we can offer…'

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