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Lucy - International Women's Day

  • 2 min read

Lucy - Customer Services Neon Vibes® - International Women's Day

A bit about me

I'm 22 and based in Leeds.

By day I work in customer services for Neon Vibes®, but in my spare time I am actually an oil painter!!


A love of creativity

I’m definitely the creative type, and studied oil painting at university. Outside of work I can usually be found working on my art – I specialise in oil and charcoal paintings.

My work is abstract and I largely focus on the relationship between the body and the world through the eyes of technology.  At the moment I am working on large-scale oil paintings which I manipulate and bring to life using technology. I use software to create a moving painting, which can be transferred from the gallery space to a mobile phone.


I really love exhibiting my work when I get the opportunity.


Besides painting I also design and make my own clothing – usually through knitting. In fact, I would love one day to start my own clothing line.

My work at Neon Vibes®

I work closely with Mick and am responsible for customer service. At Neon Vibes® we take customer care very seriously. Me and my colleagues work hard to make sure our clients are really happy with their finished sign, but also that they have found us easy and fun to deal with.

The best part of my job

It’s fun to be working with so many other creative people. The team is great, so passionate and hard working. I love being around them and working with them to deliver our beautiful signs to many lovely customers every week.

Where I find my inspiration

My friends! They always keep life fun and exciting.

Creative advice

The best piece of creative advice I have been given is:

               'Make a mess, it could work out great.'

So often it actually does!

A Neon Vibes® exhibit

There is so much talent and creativity within Neon Vibes® that I would love to see the day when we could put together an exhibition of some of the most unique and funky LED neon lights in a non-traditional gallery space. 

A word from the boss on International Women's Day 

'At Neon Vibes® we're proud to have a dynamic team filled with a diverse mix of talent, opinions, and personalities! Our team members bring their unique strengths and perspectives to the table, creating an atmosphere of creativity and innovation that makes coming to work a blast.

Today we give a special shout-out to the leading ladies on our team - Elaine, Lucy, Faz, Eve, and Kayleigh! From operations to design to manufacturing to creative advertising, they are essential to our success. We couldn't imagine Neon Vibes® without these amazing women, and we're lucky to have them on our team!'