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Jill Scott x Neon Vibes®

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Former Lioness ‘STRIDING FOR PERFECTION’ on and off the pitch

Most people – even those like me who know zilch about footie - will have heard of former professional footballer Jill Scott (MBE), thanks to a long and successful career topped off with an epic couple of years both on and off the pitch.

In Summer 2022 Jill was a key part of the most successful England Football team since 1966 – winning the Euros at Wembley. After securing this incredible win, Jill made the bold move of hanging up her boots professionally. Despite being officially ‘retired’ she is now busier than ever!

Since the Euros Jill has been on a real winning streak. Crowned winner of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here; getting engaged to her long-term partner Shelly; appearances on all manner of prime-time TV shows. Jill is also using her elevated status to further drive her work to support grassroots football and inspire the next generation of Lionesses.

Besides all this…and not a lot of people know this…Jill and partner Shelly Unitt are also building a footie inspired coffee brand called Boxx2Boxx. Nestled on a cute parade of shops in Northenden Manchester.

Why coffee? And why Boxx2Boxx?

“I’ve always loved coffee. The more I travelled with football, the more opportunity I had to try out new blends and new coffee shops,” said Jill.

“It started to get to the point where if I had a bad coffee to start the day, I would have a bad day! So, the pursuit of a decent coffee, in a great environment, has become an important highlight of my day-to-day-life – which I think is the case for a lot of people.”

In April 2021, Jill and Shelly decided to set up the chilled out Boxx2Boxx Coffee in Northenden, Manchester. In the wood panelled interior, visitors will find not only great coffee, a friendly vibe and amaaazing cakes; they may also get the chance to meet a celeb or two. Boxx2Boxx Coffee is not far from Manchester Airport and is frequented by football, rugby and love island stars.

Striding for perfection

When Jill and Shelley set up the business, they knew they wanted to tie in Jill’s love of football and a shared love of coffee, but not in a brash way.

Upon visiting, you will find subtle references to the beautiful game in the distinct Boxx2Boxx brand style. Which was essentially the brief when they asked Neon Vibes® to create a custom statement neon sign ‘STRIDING FOR PERFECTION’.

The phrase ‘STRIDING FOR PERFECTION’ is illuminated in white neon, created with Gotham Rounded Light font, mounted on a stunning feature wall. The phrase represents Jill’s guiding principle throughout her career, which has been adopted by the entire Boxx2Boxx team – including the baristas…which is good news indeed for Manchester-based coffee lovers!

What do Boxx2Boxx Founders Shelly and Jill think of working with Neon Vibes

“We love our custom LED neon sign; it is so impactful and creates a great backdrop in our coffee shop and features in maaaany selfies. Thank you so much to the Neon Vibes® team for designing and creating it for us. It’s PERFECT!!”

Jill Scott and Shelly Unitt

Thanks so much Jill, Shelly for your kind words. From everyone at Neon Vibes, we would wish you all the luck in the world, and look forward to seeing what is next for you guys.

We can’t wait to create your next sign, and next time I head across to Manchester I will be dropping in for my own selfie!