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Glowing Choices: Traditional Glass or LED Neon?

  • 2 min read

With the rise of LED neon in the past few years and many companies opting to sell this (ourselves included) it’s become a hot topic of the pros and cons between the traditional glass neon and its modern LED counterpart.

For those unaware of the heritage associated with traditional glass neon, it rose to popularity in the 1920s. It lit the streets of places like Las Vegas and businesses around the world. This new vibrancy brought a never-seen-before element to signage and appealed to many.

This timely classic is made from the manipulation of glass tubes through heat, each end is fitted with a metal electrode and then noble gasses are inserted into the tubes at low pressure and brought to light via an electric charge which ionises the gasses creating the glow.

Although a timeless classic the traditional glass neon is unaffordable for many, granted with it being an art of craftsmanship it is going to come with a hefty price tag. As with everything, technology advances and a new more affordable option comes along.

Enter the LED neon – with its versatility and risk-free reliability you can easily see how it has undoubtedly taken over the neon scene.

Made with LED strips housed in silicone or plastic tubing it emulates traditional neon aesthetics this annoying little brother of the traditional neon has stolen the limelight. This has caused a stir within the sign makers industry, with its diversity and undeniable charm it became a household item for many of which the traditional was out of reach.

Heritage, opinions and the new kid on the block bravado to one side, both versions have a certain je ne sais quoi we all find ourselves drawn to...