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FORMAT x Neon Vibes®

  • 3 min read
The game servers will be going down on May 25th at 6pm (GMT) in order for us to prepare for our newest upcoming event....WATCH THIS SPACE!!
Formatting information...

We hate waiting… But it’s always so exciting… Always eager for the new look, the new items… raising the level cap… Upping the game!

Well, my little Vibers, wait no longer…

The servers will be taken down as Neon Vibes® prepare for a MASSIVE gaming partnership with FORMAT.

Format LED neon sign

Patch notes: 

FORMAT is the leader of an incredible nightlife movement for gamers and the gaming industry.  They bring together gamers, studios, developers and brands to celebrate a life of gaming. How exciting is that!?  

Format gaming banner

Join us!

Have a nosey at the soon to be released games, meet cutting-edge designers, developers and studios. Mingle with gamers you have only ever met online. Oh, and indulge in a drink or two.

When: 25th May 6pm onwards

Where: Impossible Manchester

Who: passionate gamers, gaming brands, studios, developers

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The truth is, gamers are quite often shown in a ‘lonely’ light, almost anti-social, but if people could only see the amount of guild, group and PUG activity that goes on in our various little worlds it would prove them very wrong.

So, whether you are from Middle Earth, Azeroth, Hoth or whether you prefer Destiny, Diablo or Overwatch, or even The Witcher, Assassins Creed or Zelda. No matter what you are into, we can all appreciate the hard work that goes into developing the games and we can’t thank Format enough for giving us the chance to get together and to celebrate the worlds we love and the upcoming worlds we will fall for, with the people who made it all possible.


Format LED neon signs

What is our partnership based on?

A love of gaming, and a desire to light up every gamer’s lair with unique, LED neon magic.

Which means…we have produced several stunning new gamer lights for FORMAT to light up the event on 25th May. In fact, they are so stunning, they might not even make it to the event… I’m sure I’ve got some wall space around my rig somewhere?.. No?.. OK… 


Win unique LED neon signs for your rig 

Not only will our luscious lights be all around the FORMAT venue, you will have the chance to win them! That’s right, you could become part of our Format Vibes Guild.

It’s easy to win

  1. Take selfies with our LED neon signs, 
  2. #FormatNVUK on Instagram 

That’s it! You’re in with the chance to win the sign in the selfie. 5 signs around the building, 5 chances to win. 


Easter egg alert

Because we are all round good easter eggs we have also donated a brand new LED neon sign from our Gaming Collection to FORMAT’s charity raffle in aid of Safe In Our World. Safe In Our World is the charity aimed to help build awareness around mental health throughout the gaming industry.

Now let's get ourselves sorted… Start the download, snacks at the ready, game faces on and let’s Leeroy this thing! 

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>>> Visit Format | The Ultimate Gaming Social
>>> Thurs 25th May 2023 6pm - Fri 26th May 2am.
>>> Get your tickets here