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Katie Burns poses in front of a glowing neon sign reading

Empowering Spaces: Burns Personal Training Studio Glows with Neon Vibes®

Written by: Eve Murphy



Time to read 2 min

We were recently invited to visit Burns Personal Training Studio, a unique, girls-only fitness space envisioned by Katie Burns.

Katie had always imagined a private personal training space radiating positivity and empowerment. However, the initial setup didn't match her vision. 'The lighting felt really clinical. It just wasn’t giving me the vibe that I wanted,' she reflected. This led Katie to seek out Neon Vibes, hoping to infuse her studio with personality and vibrancy.

Burns Personal Training Studio - Before
Burns Personal Training Studio - After

Katie’s journey with Neon Vibes® began with a single LED neon sign, which quickly turned into a passion. 'I got one, and then obviously, as you can probably tell, I got a little bit addicted,' she laughed. Our neon signs, paired with blacked-out windows, transformed the studio into an energetic and inviting space.

We at Neon Vibes® played a crucial role in bringing Katie’s vision to life. 'The team was really, really helpful. I just said exactly what I wanted and they delivered,' Katie shared, highlighting our commitment to a personalised service. Her satisfaction is echoed by her clients' responses.

'They absolutely love the signs! It's probably one of our biggest marketing tools. All our clients take a picture of the neon sign on the way out, and they'll tag the gym.'

Katie enthused, noting how this organic promotion has significantly boosted the studio’s visibility.

Katie chose Neon Vibes® for our strong branding and local presence. 'I think all the team are really helpful. They’re a local company to us as well, which I find nice,' she said, appreciating our exceptional customer service. 'Absolutely brilliant! They've been so helpful and approachable,' she added. Personal interaction was key for Katie. 'I like to work with people and be able to speak with them,' she explained, contrasting our service with less personal experiences from other suppliers.

At this point, we asked the all-important question, 'Which sign is your favourite?' Choosing a favourite neon sign was a challenge for Katie. 'Burns, Baby Burns' is my name, and it’s there as soon as you walk in. But 'Who Runs the World, Girls' gains a lot of interest from our clients,' she noted. These signs not only enhanced the studio's look but also reinforced its empowering message.

Our collaboration with Burns Personal Training Studio showcases the power of small local businesses working together.

Through this partnership, Katie’s vision for a vibrant, empowering space came to life, benefiting both her clients and her business. This case study highlights the importance of community, personalised service, and a supportive environment in creating something truly special.

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