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Elaine - International Women's Day

  • 2 min read

Elaine - Neon Vibes® Operations

A little bit about me

I have been in the sign industry all my life, with a short stint as a Landlady. My Mum and Dad had a sign company and I followed in their footsteps.


When I grew up I wanted to be 

A musician in the theatre circuit for sure. I love to play music. I have been playing since I was about 5; started with the piano and moved onto flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, a little bass guitar and in later life I have learned to play marimba.

What do I do at Neon Vibes® 

I focus on operations, which means I am responsible for looking after the workflow and making sure the guys have all the necessary tools and components to fulfil the orders on time.

I am very organised and enjoy planning and future-proofing, so this role definitely plays to my strengths.  

The best part of my job

As well as a love of music, in stark contrast I have a love of Airtable - an IT platform which supports the management of end-to-end workflow!

Working with the ins and outs of Airtable. I love learning about its capabilities, getting to grips with the formulas and making life smoother for the Neon Vibes team by getting the most from the platform. I am in my element with that.

Which female inspires me the most?

It HAS to be my Mum; she was and is always there for me. She is the hardest worker I know and the best friend I have ever had.

The best piece of advice I have been given

From my Dad after just passing my diving test:-

‘Your instructor teaches you how to pass your test, now you will learn how to drive!’

I have always wanted to

Go to Vegas!

A word from the boss on International Women's Day 

'At Neon Vibes® we're proud to have a dynamic team filled with a diverse mix of talent, opinions, and personalities! Our team members bring their unique strengths and perspectives to the table, creating an atmosphere of creativity and innovation that makes coming to work a blast.

Today we give a special shout-out to the leading ladies on our team - Elaine, Lucy, Faz, Eve, and Kayleigh! From operations to design to manufacturing to creative advertising, they are essential to our success. We couldn't imagine Neon Vibes® without these amazing women, and we're lucky to have them on our team!'