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Perfect for:
- Creating your vibe
- Insta Handles
- Statement pieces
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Perfect for:
- Logos
- Intricate designs
- Ultra personalised
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Free UK Shipping On Orders Over £350

Dimmer w/Remote- 25A - 2 outputs

Dimmer with Remote
Plug'N'Play dimmer with an RF remote control for increasing or decreasing the brightness of your sign.  Super easy to fit and even easier to control

Size of dimmer unit:  127mm wide x 41mm high x 32mm depth.
Input: 1 Black cable / Rated up to 8A / apx 150mm long / 2.1mm Female DC connector
Output: 2 Black cables / Rated up to 4A ea / apx 120mm long / 2.1mm Male DC connector
Input Voltage: 12-24v
Material - Metal casing