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Free UK Shipping On Orders Over £350

Who We Are

Hi, we’re Elaine and Rich 👋🏼

We’re seasoned pros when it comes to signage, having worked in the industry for over 10 years. As a couple of sign geeks, we’re always watching where the industry is going next and this year, we couldn’t help but notice that the LED neon market was rocketing… even during a global pandemic. Seeing the amount of faux neon e-commerce sites double almost daily, we wanted to know the secret of their success.

It soon became clear the vast majority of these sites were dropshipping outfits. “What do you mean, dropshipping!?” We hear you ask. Well, basically ➡ orders made on their sites go direct to China, who produce the signs for peanuts and send them to the customer. Not only does a sign land on your doorstep (weeks after it was actually due), but so does an unexpected customs invoice. Got a problem with that? Well, you can take it up with their customer services, which are typically shocking too… unless you really enjoy talking to robots. Oh, and did we mention the majority of these sites claim their signs are made in the UK! Don’t believe us? Check out some of the TrustPilot reviews on these sites.

We knew we could offer more, and Neon Vibes UK was born. Our site offers these attractive LED neon signs, that are ACTUALLY MADE IN THE UK with great delivery times and even better customer service. At Neon Vibes, you can order your custom sign, have it made and dispatched within 2 weeks and you will never be slapped with a customs invoice!* Need to speak to us about your order? Call us or email us! You’ll be speaking with a real person! Neon Vibes UK was developed with customer satisfaction in mind.

We’re a brand-new company, but we’re far from beginners! Our experience puts us in the perfect position to deliver what you customers want ➡ great quality faux neon signs at great prices and with fast turnaround times. If that’s not enough to tempt you, buying our products is SO much better for the environment than buying from China. If Mother Nature was an influencer, she’d be collaborating with us!

We are Neon Vibes UK!

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