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Stocking V2


Stocking V2
This fun neon led sign, handmade in the UK, by our experienced team.
What would you like in your Christmas stocking?

Mixed, as shown.
**If you want a different colour combination, please write what you want in the notes at checkout ūüĎć**

Sizes (All apx and include the backing)
50cm - 50cm(h) x 33cm(w)
75cm - 75cm(h) x 50cm(w)
100cm - 100cm(h) x 66cm(w)
150cm - 150cm(h) x 100cm(w)*
200cm - 200cm(h) x 132cm(w)*
250cm - 250cm(h) x 165cm(w)*
*split into multiple pieces. Ask for details