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Nanoleaf x Neon Vibes UK

We've partnered with Nanoleaf and now offer their insanely smart LED panels here on our site ūüėć
Create the vibe you want with these ultra easy to fit, crazily adaptable panels.

‚óĄShapes Vs Canvas
There are 2 main families of Nanoleaf:
Shapes -  These are available in 3 different shapes (Hexagon, Triangle and Mini Triangles), and you can mix and match to your hearts content.
Canvas - These are available in Squares only. They have all the same functionality as the 'Shapes', but they can't be mixed with any other shape.

- Do you want to change the colours depending on the time of the day? Easy

- Fully Immerse yourself in a game or movie with screen share to change the colour of the room? Not a problem

- Or lose yourself in a song and dance to the dynamic patterns as they change to the beat? Done
Look through the different choices below or have a look at our Design Inspiration page and get ready to upgrade your space: